Murilyn Yvonne Manderfeld

Our mom is gone. She was the best, and God holds her now. She bore four sons in 49 months, and the remain the closest of friends. She worked part-time as long as we can remember, and yet the house was always clean.

She put mud packs on our bee stings, enjoyed taking us swimming to the nearby lakes in Minnesota and dressed us up proper for Sunday Mass. Spankings were rare, but her loving care was constant. Mom was a good listener, and if she had advice it was worth paying heed of.

Mom was a rock of support for all four of her boys.

Mom married our dad, Delane Manderfeld, 67 years ago, and now they’re both together once again.

She is preceded in death by her loving husband; her parents, Alexander Anthony and Lottie Hanna (Stinger) Brown; and her brother, Allen Wilson Brown.

She is survived by her three loving sisters, Mikey, Pat and Colleen; her sons, Brian, Thomas, Scott and Daniel; eight grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.


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