Molestation victims serve life sentences


I’d like to respond to the controversy over the light sentencing of a child molester in Uinta County. I do understand the prosecuting attorney’s point of view; however, I believe that the anger directed at the sentencing-plea deal is due to the shortness of the sentence.

As someone who has in the past worked directly with at-risk teenage girls, I can tell you that the survivor of sexual abuse has a life-long sentence. They must deal the best they can with the symptoms and difficulties of their abuse for the rest of their life.

And as a knowledgeable childcare worker, I know that most of the perpetrators of sexual molestation have more than one victim. Often, by the time they are held accountable, they have “used” many children for their sexual gratification. So, even though the law only recognizes the one victim (or in this case two), there is often a pattern of behavior that must be considered.

The prosecutor expressed hopes that the criminal can be rehabilitated and returned to society. That is no reason or excuse for such a light sentence. A plea deal could have been worked out for five years in jail, not one, remembering the victims are serving life.

Kathryn Alexander-Garcia



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