Melody Michele Atwood

Melody Michele Atwood was born May 12, 1960, and passed away on Saturday, Sept. 26. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska, to John and Thelma Atwood, both of whom preceded her in death.

Melody was a resident in several settings, all to which she brought joy and happiness. Her final residential program was Mountain Regional Services in Evanston, where she lived for the past 29 years. She was happy at Mountain Regional, well taken care of, and had many friends whom she considered family.

Melody loved pop and chocolate. She loved to eat, color and to sit in her recliner. She loved her stuffed animals. Melody was very tactile; she loved her stuffed animals for this reason. One Christmas she was given a “fur real” dog that would move and bark when petted. Melody loved this dog and named it Bisquit. Thank you to Dr. Cora Courage for bringing this joy to her life. In the later days of her life, although her body was failing her, she continued to smile through it all. She had good thoughts going on in her head, and although she was not able to convey them, she would smile and laugh out loud.

Krystel became Melody’s guardian just a few months ago but has known her for several years. Krystel was very fond of Melody and was by her side when Melody passed away at Rocky Mountain Care. At her time in need, Krystel was very willing to jump in and help Melody in any way she could.

Thank you to Krystel Williams, Mountain Regional Services, Dr. Cora Courage, DeLynda Henderson and Rocky Mountain Care for helping Melody make her way through life.

A graveside service for Melody will be held at 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 16, at the Evanston City Cemetery.

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