Meet the new Uinta County clerk

EVANSTON — She might not have realized it when she first began building her career, but Amanda Hutchinson has long been preparing for the day when she would step into the role of Uinta County Clerk. 

“It’s so dorky, I know, but I really developed a love of insurance. I’m probably like the only person in America who will say that,” Hutchinson said of her background that started at a dental insurance company based in Salt Lake City. 

The ability to understand mundane and arduous insurance lingo is something Hutchinson prides herself on. She is routinely found briefing the Uinta County Commissioners on matters of insurance and policy. 

Originally from Utah, Hutchinson and her husband made the move to Evanston almost 20 years ago so he could take a job with the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office. They have two children, a 9-year-old girl and a 3-year-old son. 

She said of her transplanted Wyoming roots, “I love it and I think a lot of people who knew me were surprised at how much I loved it and how much I’ve adapted to the community here.” 

Former Uinta County Clerk Lana Wilcox recruited Hutchinson to be a part of her team eight years ago. At the time, Hutchinson was serving as the Uinta County Fair manager. Having just assumed the role of fair manager the year before, Hutchinson was surprised by Wilcox’s invitation.

“I was shocked, I really was. … It was right up my alley, but it did take me a couple [of] days to decide. I think Lana was surprised.”

Although she has enjoyed politics since a young age, she said it wasn’t her goal to become county clerk.

“I did not take that job thinking, ‘Oh boy, I could be the next county clerk.’ My loyalty was 100 percent to Lana and to being her deputy and to just being there for her.” 

Serving as first deputy to Wilcox for eight years has helped Hutchinson learn even the most intricate details of the clerk’s office. Hutchinson said she’s happy with how things have been run, and she does not see drastic change happening under her leadership. 

“I would like to continue to see us use technology to increase efficiency in our office. We have made some really great progress that way in the last eight years that Lana and I have been working together,” she said. 

When asked about her future  plans, Hutchinson firmly responded, “I am planning to run in the 2018 election.” 

Standing on the front line of the budget battle, Hutchinson does worry about the economic future of the county.

“I don’t know that our budgets are going to get better anytime soon, so we’re being asked to do more with less and less staff,” she said. 

Joining the ranks of county officials who worry about the declining local economy, Hutchison said she hopes that a proposed ICE detention facility will be located in Evanston, bringing needed jobs and revenue. 

Looking to the future, Hutchinson said she is excited for the clerk’s office to progress forward, continuing to render great customer service to the community. 

“We’ve always offered really good customer service — that is something that is very important to us,” she said. “People have to register to vote, people have to get vehicle titles if they want to own a car, people have to record their mortgages here — it doesn’t have to be a bad experience.” 

Hutchinson said the clerk’s office is always looking for election judges. Those interested should call (307) 783-0306 to have their names added to the list.

Community members also hoping to add items to county commission meeting agendas are invited to email Hutchinson at [email protected].

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