Man arrested after brandishing gun in public

Officers detain Jamis Short outside the old Town Hall in Evanston Monday afternoon. (HERALD PHOTO/Brian Liechty)

EVANSTON — An Evanston man was arrested Monday after allegedly brandishing a gun in public. Evanston Police Department Lt. Ken Pearson said Jamis Short was arrested after a brief scuffle when officers responded to the area near Trona Valley Credit Union on Harrison Drive in Evanston Monday afternoon.

Pearson said officers responded to a welfare check on Saturday night that involved Short, and led to his family leaving with his father-in-law for the night. Officers confiscated a handgun during that response, Pearson said, because Short was acting in a threatening manner at the time. With no legal restriction to possess a firearm, EPD released the weapon on Monday morning, when Short arrived at the police station to retrieve it.

Pearson said Short was acting fine during the pickup, but allegedly got drunk afterward and was again making threats. When officers caught up to him Monday afternoon, Pearson said Short had the handgun in the front of his pickup, so officers approached him with caution. Following a brief physical incident, Short was arrested on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest and breach of peace.


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