Madia: Back in the saddle

Back in the ring for another swing. 

I’m delighted to be back at the Herald to cover the sports scene in and around our area. It is my hope to provide our readers with the quality coverage they expect and deserve. I am always open to any story ideas you may have. Please feel free to contact me at the Herald.

How ‘bout this Jazz, huh? Wow, they are so close! And for my money the most entertaining team to watch in the NBA. Donovan Mitchell is truly something special and reminds me of my favorite athlete of all time, in so many ways — Julius “Dr. J” Erving. Remind me to elaborate on that sometime, won’t you? 

I really have no desire for another Golden State against Cleveland finals series, but I am pulling for the Cavs, but that’s just because of former Wyoming Cowboy, Larry Nance, Jr.

Speaking of hoops, you’re probably aware of the latest accomplishment of the amazing number 20 and his teammates. Former Red Devil standout and the all-time leading scorer at EHS (and Utah State for that matter) Jaycee Carroll and his FC Real Madrid teammates won the EuroLeague championship! Across the pond, that’s as big as it gets. And in basketball circles, next to an NBA title, it truly is as big as it gets, in the second-most competitive league, worldwide. 

Congratulations, Jaycee!

Hopefully, we can pin the Evanston hometown hero down for a feature story in an upcoming issue of the Herald.

Finally, I thought this post to a Wyoming Cowboy Facebook group was about as classy and heartfelt as they come. It’s from Lavonne Allen, Josh Allen’s amazing mom:

“What an AMAZING journey, what an AMAZING RIDE, what an AMAZING support group we have had. Thank you to all of you for the love and support you have shown us during our time here in LARAMIE. The memories, the people we have met, the lifelong friendships we will continue to nurture and cherish, will forever be a part of our incredible time here. We will forever be COWBOY fans and the state of WYOMING has a huge piece of our hearts. Laramie is a very SPECIAL place and we were so grateful to share it with so many of our friends back home, who also quickly learned how incredibly SPECIAL this place was.

“You see, we come from a very SPECIAL place with the most incredible people so we recognize GREATNESS. All of you have had a very important part in making WYO feel just like home. God truly had a plan for Josh and we could not see us being anywhere else; we would not have changed a thing. We trusted the process, the coaches, the community and will forever be indebted. So we leave with full and grateful hearts but we will be back to watch our boys.

“Josh may have started something incredible and exciting but the legacy continues and this next team is going to take it to new heights. The culture has changed and winning is contagious. These boys have heart and soul and coaches who believe in them. As we move on, we take our #17 and our WYOMING Buffalo with us. If that is not fate, I don’t know what is. #GoPokes #GoBills #17 #Blessed #ThosewhostaywillbeChampions #BuildingSomethingSpecial”

The responses are priceless, too, on Pokes Nation. Did I mention the Buffalo Bills are now my second favorite NFL team? Yours, too? Yes, they’ve just gained a huge fan base of Wyoming Cowboy fans, for sure. Go, Josh Allen!

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