Local senior center hires new director

Glenn Roach is the new executive director for Uinta Senior Citizens. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — In accepting the position of executive director, Glenn Roach vowed to be physically present, ethical and honest and to fulfill the mission of the Uinta Senior Center to provide for the needs of the seniors in Evanston, Bridger Valley and Lincoln County. Roach began his duties on Monday, March 6, replacing former director Aimee Ottley and taking the helm following some troubled times at the center.

“This position will be a challenge, but the board of directors is passionate and dedicated,” Roach said. “We will turn things around here at the center and regain the public’s trust. I intend to be at the Evanston center at least four days a week, one or two days in Mountain View and Lyman and one day now and then in Lincoln County.”

Roach was born in England, a “military brat,” and was raised in Salem, Virginia. After graduating from Salem High School, Roach attended a junior college in Brevard, North Carolina, and graduated in 1987 from Berry College in Rone, Georgia, with a degree in religion and philosophy.

Roach has an extensive career working for nonprofit organizations. His employment history includes work with juveniles diagnosed with conduct disorders at Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital. He served as assistant director at a youth ranch in Boise, Idaho; worked in management at a residential treatment facility for people with significant disabilities and with Accessible Rehabilitation Services to help people find employment.

In 2000, Roach was recruited by Vocational Rehabilitation in Evanston and while employed there, in 2005, he earned a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from Utah State University. During his employment there, he collaborated with Wanda Rogers who was developing the Business Leadership Network. He said he really enjoyed working with employers and developing a network for people with disabilities.

In 2006, Roach was recruited by Western Idaho Training Company in Boise, Idaho, now known simply as WITCO Inc. after the company extended their services into parts of Oregon. WITCO is a nonprofit organization founded in 1974 that played a part in deinstitutionalizing people with disabilities. It provides vocational rehabilitation training. He was employed at WITCO from 2006 until 2022; first as a program director, then advancing to chief operating officer.

“I developed a passion for working with people with disabilities,” Roach said. “I wouldn’t trade my background for anything. There is something valuable to learn in every experience.”

Recently, Roach’s wife, Mickey, lost her mother, and he and his wife decided to move to the area to be close to Mickey’s father, who lives in Mountain View. The Roaches purchased a home in Lyman. Roach resigned from his position with WITCO but continued to do some long-distance consulting work with the company until being hired at the senior center.

The couple have two children. Their son, 21 years old, lives in Syracuse, New York, and their 17-year-old daughter is a junior at Mountain View high school.

“I am pro-living,” Roach said. “As people age, they are often pushed aside and they deserve to be able to retire with dignity and respect. The elderly have worked their whole lives and made great contributions to their communities. We need to recognize those contributions and ensure the elderly have the high quality of life they deserve. I am excited about this opportunity at Uinta Senior Center.”

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