Local GOP leadership elections held properly


Accusations having been made of wrongdoing in the manner in which the election of the officers of the Uinta County Republican Party were conducted, it seems appropriate that we address those accusations and set the record straight. A minority contingent of the county central committee attempted to unseat the long-standing leadership of the party and replace them with new officers.

Failing by a narrow margin to do so, they have resorted to misguided and dishonest attempts to get their way by circumventing the electoral process. They have filed complaints, laden with half-truths and outright lies, with the state Republican Party. They were unsuccessful in getting the election results overturned, simply because they have no case.

The 2021 Uinta County leadership elections were held under the exact same rules as all elections in the past, as far back as anyone currently involved can remember and in strict accordance with the bylaws governing them.

The operation of the Uinta County Republican Party Central Committee is and always has been done in an open and honest manor. Anyone who has questions regarding the way our elections are conducted or on any other matter pertaining to the Uinta County Republican Party is encouraged to contact us, and we will be more then happy to sit down with them and explain the situation.

Elisabeth “Biffy” Jackson

Uinta County Republican Party Chair


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