Local church members actively engaging faith


Members and friends of Presbyterian churches (First, in Mountain View, and Union, in Evanston) are actively engaging faith during this pandemic in several ways. We are in contact with one another by text, email and phone. We meet in the air regularly, when our prayers for one another and for the world are lifted up. We meet for worship by Zoom each week.

We are actively supporting the local food provision ministries. Our members are connected in the community and contributing to mutual support. We are joining in compassion with a worldwide ecumenical witness to peace and justice through One Great Hour of Sharing.

As Christians, we are always envisioning, praying and acting toward being co-creators with God of a more just, connected and loving world. That is what we have done in the past, what we are doing now, and what, with God’s grace, we will continue doing until God’s will is accomplished on earth, as it is in heaven. Thanks be to God!

Pastor Sara J. Shields



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