Letter: Stop shooting at, chasing wildlife, especially at night in residential areas


I love the spirit of Christmas and the love and kindness exhibited more freely. This year, I’m saddened because of the behavior in the area in which I reside. I purchased my home in this location because of the large lots and the wildlife.

Unfortunately, I presently reside in a subdivision where some — not all — feel “the night time is the right time” to shoot at our wildlife and ride four-wheelers to harass them. Over the past five years, many of our wildlife, especially the deer, have been injured. Yet, no one seems to think it’s a concern if their neighbors are shooting guns in a residential area.

I’ve lived in eight different locations in Evanston over my 48 years as a Wyoming resident. I’ve never once had people shooting weapons so freely as they have over the past five years.

I write this with reservation because we have many fine people who reside in our subdivision, but I feel compelled to acknowledge my concerns, hoping others will do the same so we can eliminate this serious behavior that is taking place right in our own backyards.

Susan Miller Staley



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