Letter: Mosquito spraying down due to lack of funds, but could be worse


Hello from the Mosquito Control Program. We hope you have had a relatively mosquito-free summer. We have been busy chasing the elusive mosquito and feel we have been pretty successful in our efforts. 

We do have some areas that still have mosquitoes; I would hate to see what it would look like if we did nothing (remember the good old days). There is more that we could be doing, but it all requires money that we do not have. The prospect of using aerial applications for larvicide to access areas that we can’t get to now or the development of drones to reach these areas are both tools that are available but not plausible at this time. 

So with that being said, our second phase of adult mosquito control is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 17, in the Bridger Valley area and Wednesday, July 19, in Evanston. These dates may vary depending on weather conditions and plane availability. The spraying will take place late afternoon when the winds are low and temperatures are cool. 

We will be applying Permanone 31-66 at a rate of 1/3 ounce to the acre. 

We encourage those who have questions about the program to contact Mosquito Control at (307) 783-0436

Brad Asay

Uinta County Mosquito Control Coordinator

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