Letter: ‘Love thy neighbor’ column was spot on


I lived in Evanston for a decade quite a few years ago and still enjoy getting the Herald. I apologize for being seriously late with this message regarding your Dec. 8 column entitled “Love they neighbor ... unless thy neighbor is gay,” which I have read several times now.

I am more impressed each time I read it. You are spot on with so many of your insightful comments and I commend you for having the motivation to pen them.  

I don’t understand how someone can be treated with disrespect simply because they are different, and I was pleased to pick up the Herald and see that you agree and were willing to share that conviction in a very well-articulated column.

Thank you for writing the piece and I applaud you on how well it was done.

Based on the wit and quality of the column, I think you should abandon your apathy and contribute more often. I look forward to reading them.

Greg Bammerlin

Alexandria, Ohio


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