Letter: Love for real world people


Once again, Jonathan Lange has made it difficult to find common ground on a controversial issue. His latest column opens by claiming that the pro-life movement has “quiet strength,” does not depend on “megadonors ... paid demonstrators or lobbyists,” has “a love of people who cannot speak for themselves” and “celebrates and cherishes” life, while those on the pro-choice side are demonized as “godless” beings, “high priests of secular religion” who seek to “hate and destroy” life with “willful rage against the Creator,” summing them up by saying “They kill.”

Ironically, Lange attempts to change the minds of those who believe every person should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies by suggesting that they consider the “real-world problems of real world people.” Here I agree with him, especially when he suggests that “love for actual living people has the ability to blow away the fog of rhetoric.”

For example, love for actual people might help one have more compassion and acceptance of gay people wishing to marry, of the rape victim needing to rescue her future, or of those with different belief systems. That’s something we all need to work on.

Julie Woestehoff



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