Letter: Let’s think before we vote


We survived the election signs, news releases and political presentations — all to come to a close until November. I’m sure we all felt a disappointment or two, but the important fact is to really think before we mark the ballot in November. I think Evanston has some serious issues.

One is the lack of police activity on busy streets, especially with so many Utah drivers that fail to acknowledge our speed limits — especially those pulling a travel trailer, horse trailer or a motorhome with a boat or car attached weaving in and out of traffic and making a driving nightmare for us local residents in a town not really equipped to deal with excessive traffic.

We also need someone who has the ability to address the local issues and keep the residents informed, not just give excuses for local concerns. We’ve had direction in the past; I hope we can experience it again with someone who is involved, open to criticisms and concerns and dedicated to our community; someone who has the strength and ability to speak out against foolish agendas. 

Voting is a wonderful opportunity that we should all take seriously. Those in office are the ones who can help our community remain enjoyable, safe and informed. 

One of my previous students came up with the “Fresh Air, Freedom and Fun” in a previous community essay contest. Let’s keep it that way. It’s an important concept to truly take to heart, and who we put into office has a great influence in maintaining these standards.

Susan Miller Staley



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