Letter: If you want change, vote for it


Now that the election is over, I would like to address some things that are troubling to me. The candidates have a responsibility to inform the voters of what they hope to achieve if elected and what compelled them to run. The voters have the responsibility to access this information and make an informed choice.

Some candidates did a great job of trying to reach and inform voters — thank you! Some candidates did next to nothing. I can’t help but think that they are not engaged enough to take on the position they run for.

I asked quite a few people before and after the election if they had attended, watched, listened or read about any of the debates and/or forums. I am sad to say that almost every person I asked said no.

I realize that Wyoming doesn’t have major television channels to help get the information out there but most of us do have computers and access to newspapers and radio. We owe it to ourselves and our families to make informed choices.

I hear often that people are concerned that Wyoming is falling behind, and I hear complaints about our elected officials. Our votes don’t reflect these feelings. We go to the polls and don’t even consider voting for a change of course, then turn around and complain that nothing ever changes. We vote for party instead of people.

I’ve found myself wondering whom we would elect if we had blind auditions (like on “The Voice”). What would happen if we didn’t know the party affiliation, gender, race, age or religious affiliation of the candidate and based our votes only on what they say they hope to achieve, what their hopes for the future look like and an idea of how they intend to make those things happen? I think we might be surprised whom we choose and also by how much alike our hopes for the future are.

We need to remember, we hold the power and we get the government we deserve!

I would also like to thank all those who worked the polls, offered rides, etc., and all the officials who worked hard before, during and after to make sure that all votes are correctly counted and recorded. Thanks also to all those who put themselves out there to run.  

Colleen Kunz

Bear River


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