Letter: I also live in this neighborhood


For 40 years I have called Evanston home and I am very proud to do so. I live in a very good neighborhood except for the problems we encounter from our neighborhood pet owners.

I work hard to keep a beautiful yard, yet every pet owner within shouting distance thinks it is OK to let their dogs bark and cats run free to use my yard as their own personal toilet.

The same rule of being contained or on a leash applies equally to cats and dogs. I should have the freedom to go in my backyard without being barked at, having my fence jumped on or being afraid of a dog coming over the fence and hurting my grandchildren.

I have asked my neighbors to please control their animals. They don’t like me butting into their business and treat me like I’m the bad guy. 

Pet owners, please control your animals, we chose to not have a pet and yet we still have to pick up after them. Thank you.

Michael Webb



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