Letter: Children learn bullying from adults


I am ashamed of the way some parents act towards other people’s children. How dare you treat a child like they aren’t good enough to play with your children. 

Recently I had my granddaughter for a few days. I had to go to work for a while and help with a project, so I took her with me.

She had helped me carry some things to the trash, so her clothes were dirty, her hair was a bit messy because I tried to French braid it, she was in her old clothes because she was going to work with me amd she is at the age where her baby teeth are falling out.

She soon got bored of work, and there was a bunch of children playing next door, so her grandpa told her, “Go over there and ask if you can play with them.” 

I couldn’t believe it when she came back with her head hung low because the “grown-ups” said no. 

I didn’t even try to make excuses for the people. I just told her, “Don’t worry about it; some people are just jerks.” One of the children even came over and tried to offer her some cake but was quickly scooped up by one of the parents.

No wonder children bully other children. I can tell you where they are learning about it

My granddaughter is so sweet, and she gets her feelings hurt so easy. I just hope those parents feel really big and bad for making a little girl cry.

I hope your children don’t grow up to be like you. I hope your children don’t judge people before they get to know who they are. 

Think of the example you are setting; is that really what you want to raise? If so, keep your child away from my granddaughter!

Shauna Crofts 


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