Lawlar honored at city council meeting

Council approves land swap

EVANSTON — Evanston City Council members unanimously approved a land swap with Uinta County School District No. 1 at last week’s city council meeting.

After months of discussion and planning with the school district, the council finalized a three parcel land swap agreement.

According to Evanston City Clerk Amy Grenfell, three properties were involved in the land swap agreement: one 8.4-acre parcel owned by the city, located adjacent to Evanston High School and valued at $65,000 and two parcels adding up to 3.49 acres of land, valued at $75,000.

The two parcels owned by the school district are located on 6th Street (0.90 acres), valued at $60,000, and a 2.58-acre parcel accessed at Southridge Road, valued at $15,000.

“The school district parcels are valued higher because of their location,” said Grenfell. “I’m referring to the 6th Street lot, specifically.”

The parcel on 6th Street is located between the baseball fields and the tennis courts, and includes some property behind the sand volleyball courts, where the Evanston Youth Club will construct its new building.

The triangular-shaped parcel off Southridge Road will provide better access to land used by the Evanston Public Works Department.

Uinta County School Distirct No. 1 Superintendent Ryan Thomas said the proposal was presented to the school board, which approved it.

“We believe this is good for the community and our students,” he said. “There is a good partnership in this with the city.”

Mayor Kent Williams acknowledged the price difference and asked Thomas if he believed it was a fair trade.

Thomas and Williams both agreed the trade was fair and that the swap would benefit both the City of Evanston and the school district.

“It is a fair trade,” said Thomas. “Both parcels are good use for the city and the property by the school is good for us.”

Resolution 17-19, authorizing the trade of the properties with the school district passed unanimously.

During the Tuesday night meeting, Crime Stoppers of Southwest Wyoming recognized Tera Lawlar for her many contributions throughout the years to.

“Tera works effortlessly with the Crime Stoppers Committee, providing valuable insight and funding for special projects or promotions within our organization. … Without her support, there would be a serious void, not only in our organization, but the community as a whole,” reads a statement from the organization.

Councilman and Crime Stoppers Committee member Tim Lynch said Tera has helped the organization receive thousands of dollars in funding.

“Tera is a true community member,” said Evanston Police Lt. Ken Pearson. “We would like her to know we have noticed her selfless actions time and time again.”

In new business, a number of resolutions were introduced and approved by the council.

Resolution 17-20, authorizing Change Order No. 1 for the Roundhouse windows and masonry project was approved.

“This change order is for an additional $6,619 to make sure the upper row of windows is the same size as the first section of the Roundhouse,” said Grenfell. 

Mayor Williams reminded everyone of the tight budget on the project.

“My only concern here is our limited amount of money,” he said. “Hopefully, we won’t have too many of these change orders.”

Resolution 17-21 authorizing the execution of the employer’s plan selection and notice to continue the city’s medical plan for city employees unanimously passed Tuesday night.

According to Evanston City Treasurer Trudy Lym, the medical plan is used by 82 of the 84 employees and one retiree.

“The plan went up four percent this year, which increases the city’s amount $62,000 per year,” said Lym. “They added one preventive service; otherwise everything else is the same.”

Resolutions 17-22, 17-23 and 17-24 were all approved by the council. 

Each of the three resolutions dealt with striping cross walks, stop bars, parking lots, curbs and edge and center lines for the city.

In other business, the council approved a parade route and street closure permit for the NVAR/VRW for the National Veterans Awareness Ride on Thursday, May 18.

The parade will begin at 5 p.m. at Exit 3, and ends on 9th Street between Main and Front streets.

A limited malt beverage permit was also approved for the Monster Truck Insanity Tour event to be held at the Uinta County Fairgrounds on June 9.

Closing out the meeting, Public Works Director Allan “Oop” Hansen addressed the council concerning the flags and paint markings along Center Street.

“I just wanted you all to know what all the paint on Center Street is for,” he said. “This is a big Questar Gas project. They are running new main lines.”

Hansen said the new lines could not be run in the alleyways as before, so they are running them under sidewalks along Center Street.

“The new lines will run down 2nd Street to Center [then] to 9th Street,” he said. “This project has been in the works for Questar for some time now.”


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