Lady Red Devils still looking for first conference win

The Lady Red Devils took on Natrona last Saturday in Evanston and Natrona was only five minutes into the game when they scored against Evanston. Avery Potter kicked in the first goal giving Natrona an early lead.
Both teams kept up the pace and the pressure but excellent play by Bailey Porter kept Natrona at bay. Evanston had an opportunity with a penalty kick but it didn’t work and Natrona cleared the area.
With just 7:47 left in the first half, Brittany Barton had a penalty shot, Evanston’s second chance, and she didn’t let this one slip away, she hit the ball just over the heads of the defenders and dropped it right into the corner of the net, tying the score and ending the first half 1-1.
With 25:26 left in the second half, Evanston accidently hit the ball towards Natrona’s goal. It was a controversial call because the ball hit the upper bar. Still, Natrona took a 2-1 lead.
With only 3:26 left in the game Jordan Quig started moving the ball towards Natrona’s goal. Ajahonna Archuleta matched her stride-for-stride. Quig did a quick stop and kicked the ball past Archuleta to give Natrona a 3-1 lead.
The Lady Red Devils will keep looking for their first conference win.

Rock Springs, Tuesday
Rock Springs has been a tough team all season and they continued their excellent play on Tuesday against the Lady Red Devils.
The Lady Red Devils, while not winning any conference games, has been showing excellent improvement all season. They can keep up with any team in the 4A West and they are fast. Ajahonna Archuleta is a speed demon and, although  coaches would like to see her up front, they need her speed and aggressiveness in the back for this season.
Despite the speed and improvement, Rock Springs was the first team to place the ball in the back of the net. Kristin McCrann scored her sixth goal of the season with a little less than 14 minutes left in the first half, giving Rock Springs a 1-0 lead.
With less than two minutes left in the first half, McCrann hit a header into the net to give Rock Springs a 2-0 lead.
Starting the second half, the aggressive play of Natrona cost them a penalty and Sierra Burley scored for Evanston on a penalty kick with more than 37 minutes left in the second half.
It didn’t take long for Rock Springs to come right back. Kaitlyn Stout took a corner kick and pushed it into the goal, giving the Tigers a 3-1 lead.
They followed that score with another goal kicked in by Melissa Grant and Rock Springs extended their lead 4-0.
Evanston wasn’t about to give up, though. They kept up their aggressive play and with just 21


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