Knopf should be recognized at ponds


My retired teacher friends and I had lunch at the Bear Ponds. There was a slight breeze, and the leaves were turning their fall yellow.  The river was so beautiful and calming.  As we enjoyed this beautiful, very usable location, I thought of who was responsible for this area — Paul Knopf.

When my daughter, now 55, was in high school, she served on a committee that Paul organized to design this very area. He also had many others who joined locally who were helpful and supportive of his vision.

We have the Bear River ponds because Paul had the vision — what at first seemed impossible!

The park serves many uses. It’s a habitat for an assortment of beautiful wildlife, elk and buffalo. Personally, I think this area should have a sign giving recognition to Paul.  Many things have later been added — the Memorial Garden, the walking trails, benches and picnic tables, the boating area and restrooms.

Evanston has many unique sports areas, but I think this area is enjoyed by people locally, as well as those taking a break from their travels.

I worked with Paul on planning and zoning years ago, and he’s always wanted the best for Evanston. I witnessed that many times. He promised to bring the sled dog team to our community, and biking and running trails, as well as the open field for soccer games. Thank you, Paul, for all the time, extra effort and love you’ve always given to Evanston.

Susan Miller Staley