Kids of many faiths enjoy Vacation Bible School

EVANSTON — Fifty children, 3 years old up to seventh grade, attended an ecumenical Bible School at the Trinity Lutheran Church the week of June 18-22. The school was sponsored by St. Paul’s Episcopal, Trinity Lutheran, Union Presbyterian, and St. Mary Magdalen Catholic churches and directed by Stephanie Aaron Ludwig. 

Any child, regardless of church affiliation, was invited to attend. Classes began at 9 a.m. and ended at noon except on Tuesday when they began at 10.

In addition to a pre-school class, there were six activities: Bible study, recreation, music, crafts and mission. The pre-school teacher was Kiernan Jett with helpers Kyleigh Diaz and Hadley Blackwell. The kindergarten leaders were Eryn Symes and Ally Hansen. First and second graders were led by Brayton Robertson and Kortney Myers.

Third and fourth graders were led by Kate Harmon and Erik Greer.  Fifth, sixth, and seventh grade helpers were Dominick Larson and Trinity Vogt. The Bible study was led by Rev. Larry Turpin. Connor Jett led students in recreation activities with the help of Kurtis Richins and Schuyler Green. Recreation was held outside on the lawn and included games and water balloon throwing.

Ronda Hurst, Connie Lamb and Allison Woodmansee worked with the children on crafts each day.  Bailey Crompton led the children in song and movement. Snack time was led by Laurie Bateman and Jeannie Everding with helpers Sheila Hart and Christy Hope.

Mothers of children would also help when they could. Sunshine Gonzales and her son Colt were working on a collage poster of pictures taken during the week.

The mission is an annual giving project chosen by the students. This year, Elaine Woodmansee worked with the children on their mission of giving bottles of water out at local baseball and soccer games. All bottles of water were donations from the children. In past years, mission projects have included donations of clothing, food and toys to different nonprofit organizations.

The final day of Vacation Bible School ended with a celebration and acknowledgement of all involved.

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