Judge, county attorney, please consider harsher punishment for sexual predators


I am writing in regard to the sentencing and plea agreement for Marcus P. Delgado. This man caused a lifetime of trauma for two young children —  his punishment, a year in jail, probation, alcohol treatment, and on the sex offenders registry. Not good enough. When it comes to children being sexually assaulted laws need to change and sentences need to be longer, and children should not have to be re-traumatized in open court to get these longer sentences.

As one mother said in the trial, her child wakes up screaming. This is not a short-term occurrence. These kids are looking at a lifetime of fear, anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts. I know someone who was assaulted at age 2, at age 14 was paralyzed with such bad anxiety this person could not go to school, and at age 16 was hospitalized because this person had a plan in place to commit suicide even after years of therapy.

Tell me then how one year is a long enough sentence for Mr. Delgado.

According to The National Center for Victims of Crime Child Sexual Abuse Statistics, one in every five girls are abused, as well as one in every 20 boys. The center believes those numbers could be larger since many victims do not come forward. Statistically speaking chances are pretty good everyone reading this knows someone who has been assaulted as a child.

We need to do better and protect our children from these predators and give them a safe space to tell their story without being re-traumatized. I am asking Judge Bluemel to think of this before he sentences the next perpetrator in his courtroom and Uinta County Attorney Loretta Howieson-Kallas before she offers a plea agreement.  

Kortney Booth Clark



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