January crime story was too graphic


Is it really necessary to put articles in the newspaper that explain in visual and explicit detail of any incident? This is regarding the article in the Jan. 20 paper (there have been more since) that bothered me. It was about a rape that happened by Dustin Hughes. This really disturbed me and has turned me off from reading your news.

In the past, we could read and understand the event that happened, without going into such awful descriptions.

Many of my friends feel the same way. We were wondering if you could edit these articles to be less horrid to the reader’s eyes and mind.

The young adults read this also and they don’t need any more graphic ideas in their heads.

Also, I’d like to know what happened to the columns that Jonathan Lange was writing. They were excellent and informative. It gave the public a conservative view and another side of the story.

As a concerned citizen, I’d appreciate it if you would look into these things.

Maria Easton



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