James Christopher Jensen

James Christopher Jensen lived in Independence, Missouri, with his wife and four daughters when he left this world to be with our Lord at the young age of 33. Jimmy never met a stranger, and everyone who knew him enjoyed his company. Jimmy had many interests and loved building things, playing video games and skateboarding early in life. Most of all, he enjoyed telling stories and making those around him laugh.

An avid “Star Wars” fan, Jimmy enjoyed science fiction and fantasy books by J.R.R. Tolkien and Anne McCaffrey. Jimmy attended aviation maintenance school where he earned his certification as an airline mechanic.

The most important aspect of Jimmy’s life was family, and his four daughters were his pride and joy in life.

Jimmy’s biological parents are Patricia Brown and James Jensen. At one point, life necessitated that Trish and James follow their own paths in life. Trish later married Ray Dement who helped raise Jimmy and his sisters, Marcy and Nina. The family moved from Rialto, California, to Evanston when Jimmy was around the age of 12. When Jimmy was 18, he married his wife, Dreiux, and the family later moved to Kansas City, Missouri, so Jimmy could attend aviation maintenance school.   

Jimmy is survived by his mother and stepfather, Trish Brown and Richard Brown; his stepfather, Ray Dement; his biological father, James Jensen; his sisters, Marcy Roderick and Nina Todd; four daughters, Paige, Aspen, Akaja and Keri; a nephew, Keith, and two nieces, Phylecia and Keara.

Since Jimmy’s untimely demise, there have been additions to his family bloodline. Jimmy now has an additional nephew, Donovan; a grandson, Axel, and a son-in-law, John.

Since Jimmy’s passing, he has been greatly missed by family and friends. The family understands that this written memorial to Jimmy’s life is late in coming.Those who loved him most wanted to honor his memory at this time. We know that Jimmy is immensely proud of his family as he looks down from heaven and has his signature smile on his face with what he sees. Not a day goes by that we do not think of and miss Jimmy’s smile and laugh. Jimmy, we love you and look forward to being reunited with you in God’s time.


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