ICE jail will have no positive effects on our community


I am writing this letter to share my ideas and opinions on the possibility of the ICE immigration jail coming to our hometown of Evanston.

I do not feel that — in any way, shape or form — this will have a positive effect on our community, and I hope others will take the needed time to do their research on the topic and the company wishing to come in.

Many of the supporters I have seen tout the benefit of expanding jobs in Evanston. Just a quick search on Indeed will show that these jobs are poor quality at best. Some of the comments on job reviews are “Lawsuit Waiting to Happen,” “Horrible Company to Work for” and “Potentially Dangerous,” to name a few. 

I feel that placing a center like this in such proximity to the Bear River State Park could potentially devastate one of my (and most of our) favorite things in Evanston.

I also feel that humans should always be treated as humans. I support justice and I support people in this country becoming legal, but I will never support treating a human as anything less than a human. The number of deaths and maltreatment of humans in private prisons is utterly terrifying. 

This is not the type of thing that I want my child growing up seeing as “normal.” This world can be a cruel place. Let’s not bring this to our front yards.

If this is truly what our community wants, then so be it. I do feel, however, that the citizens of Wyoming should have a say on this and express our ideas and concerns on this topic rather than such a vital decision being made without the input of the majority of those who live, work and play here. Please take the time to do your research and make informed decisions for the future of our city, our state and our children. Reach out to your commissioners and representatives and make your voice be heard.

Tiffany Hogue



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