HUG captures regional trampoline and tumbling championship

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LAS VEGAS, NV — High Uinta Gymnastics (HUG) brought home six regional champions from the USA Gymnastics Region #1 trampoline and tumbling championships held in Las Vegas, May 12 - 14. 

The medal count was very, very impressive for just ten athletes: six gold, four silver, six bronze, and four placement medals were awarded. 

Attending this competition were teams from eight states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Nebraska and Wyoming with more than 800 athletes bouncing to victory. The athletes competed on the trampoline, double-mini trampoline and power tumbling floor levels one to ten. 

HUG rocked and made the state of Wyoming proud of their talents and continuing efforts. At regional competition the athletes represent their state, as well as their gym. To help you understand the sport better; local competitions come first, second state competition, followed by regional competition and finally, national competition. The results are as follows:

Revlynn Stiglitz, the youngest competitor stood, on the award stand and proclaimed, “I am a champion,” where she brought home three gold medals as a level one regional champion on all events.

Kinley Graham was also a regional champion in all three events bringing home gold medals as a level two trampoline, level three double-mini trampoline, and power tumbling floor.

Madison Graham, a level four on all events, earned a bronze medal on trampoline, a fourth place medal on double-mini trampoline and eighth place on power tumbling floor.

 Kylie Thomson, a level seven, competed through an ankle injury and placed seventh on the trampoline, seventh on double-mini trampoline, and placed ninth on power tumbling floor as a level six.

Dixie Huffaker, a level six, brought home the silver medal on trampoline, a fifth place medal on double-mini trampoline and a 14th place on power tumbling floor.

Charmayne Huffaker, a level six, won a silver medal on the double-mini trampoline and a bronze medal on the trampoline. As a level five tumbler she scored a bronze medal.

Jaden Grasse, a level four tumbler, earned a silver medal on power tumbling floor. Competing as a level five on the trampoline she received a fourth place medal and a tenth place on double-mini trampoline.

Ashley Martin, a level five on all events, earned a bronze medal on power tumbling floor, 17th place on double-mini trampoline, and 12th place on trampoline.

Isabella Aimone as a level five on trampoline placed eighth and earned the silver medal on double-mini trampoline. As a level four on power tumbling floor, she earned a bronze medal.

Victoria Aimone, a level five on all events, earned a bronze medal on double-mini trampoline, eighth place on trampoline and 12th on power tumbling floor.

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