High school recognizes outstanding students

EVANSTON — Evanston High School held its annual academic awards program on Wednesday, May 23, and hundreds of awards were bestowed on deserving students recognizing their work and dedication throughout the year and, in the case of several students, throughout their high school careers. 

As they have over the past several years, Auto Farm Castle Rock Chevrolet awarded one fortunate senior a two-year lease on a 2018 Chevy Cruze. Katy Hatch walked away the lucky recipient of the Castle Rock Scholarship for her outstanding academic record and community involvement. 

Honor cords were presented to numerous seniors to be worn at graduation ceremonies as a symbol of their achievements. 

Seniors who received honor cords for their involvement with the Uinta Chapter of the National Honor Society were Hannah Ellingford, Kathryn Hatch, Micah Harvey, Caleb Richins, Nicole Bott, Hadley Gebs, Tayler Groll, Dylan Phillips, Hailey Barker, Aubree Condie, Allysa Dean, Anahi Escalante, Hunter Groll, Megan Hutchinson, Angelita Magana, Kendra Muller, Bronwyn Payne, Melissa Petrie, Jess Richins, Brock Rigby, Margaret Russell, Brady Wagstaff, Emmery Wagstaff and Shaylyn Welling. 

Margaret Russell, Brenda Casas and Anahi Escalante were honor cord recipients for student council. Juan Medina received an honor cord for the Spanish Honor Society, and Ian Siegismund for the French Honor Society. Jessica Arsenault, Michala Pearson and Morgan Sanchez were honored through the Quill & Scroll Honor Society; while Bobee Caves, Rachael Hansen and B’Elanna Sather were honored for the National Speech & Debate Association. 

International Thespian Society honors were bestowed on Nicole Bott, Sheyla Espinoza, Caitlyn Morrow, Dylan Phillips, Margaret Russell and Anya Tuft; and DECA Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs honors were bestowed on Graycee Kennedy and Olivia Reifon. 

Samantha Sackett, Bailee Mackey and Falynn Mackey received honor cords from the Family, Career & Community Leaders of America. Blake Overy, Ian Siegismund, Morgan Sanchez, Falynn Mackey, Tyler Nelson and James McMurtrey received cords from the Evanston FFA. 

Perfect attendance awards were received by Krish Ahir, Kendell Cummings, Ricardo Heredia (two years), Christopher Holmes, Brendon Li, Britney Li (two years), Eric Orozco Jaimez, Yoselin Orozco Jaimez, Lance Palmer, Jesus Roque, Jessie Roundy, Kianna Salisbury, Garet Sharp, Kayli Sharp, Harrison Tooley (three years) and Michael Tyler. 

Students receiving the President’s Education Awards Program for Education Excellence award must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and demonstrate college and career readiness on all sections of the ACT. Recipients were Aubree Condie, Hadley Gebs, Jakoby Goble, Tayler Groll, Micah Harvey, Colton Hatch, Kathryn Hatch, Megan Hutchinson, Ethan Johnson, Graycee Kennedy, Madison Maust, Kendra Muller, Bronwyn Payne, Dylan Phillips, Jess Richins, Brock Rigby, Margaret Russell, Elizabeth Sams, Colter Thomas, Brady Wagstaff, Shaylyn Welling and Aubree Wood. 

The Presidents Education Awards Program for Education Achievement award is presented to students who are nominated by EHS staff for the outstanding growth and commitment in academics. Recipients were Tatyannah Fulks, Hunter Groll, Damian Hawkins, Bailee Mackey, Blake Overy, Olivia Reifon, Anya Tuft, Emmery Wagstaff and Rebecca White. 

Reed Robinson was recognized for being selected to attend Wyoming 2018 Boys State, and Kennedy Johnston and Morgan Johnston for their selection to Wyoming 2018 Girls State. Breila Fuller and Hyrum Cooper shared the distinction of having the highest ACT score of the year, and Fuller was also recognized for the highest PSAT score. The highest ASVAB score of the year was earned by Heinrich Schoedel. 

The 2018 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Camp attendees will be sophomores Dulce Maria Aldana, Abby Dalton, Aaron Fuentes and Rhenona Powers; and University of Wyoming High School Institute attendees will be Maya Angwin, Kai Haukaas and Hannah Linford. 

Senior Dylan Phillips was selected by school administration as the recipient of the Sons of the American Revolution Outstanding Citizenship award. The Society of Women Engineers Science and Mathematics highest honor award was bestowed on Kathryn Hatch, high honor on Megan Hutchinson and honor on Hadley Gebs. 

Recipients of the Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship Athletics Citizenship award were Hunter Groll and Emmery Wagstaff. The United States Air Force Outstanding Math award was presented to Kathryn Hatch, and Outstanding Science award was presented to Jess Richins. 

The United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete award was given to Hailey Barker and Jess Richins, the Scholastic Excellence award was given to Brady Wagstaff, and the Semper Fidelis award was awarded to drum major Bronwyn Payne. 

The art department overall outstanding award was presented to Jessie Roundy, while other recipients of outstanding art awards included Breeshia Price, Loa Muller, Isabelle Fuentes, Dustin Miller, Burkley Rich, Falynn Mackey, Britney Li, Madison Burnett, Stella Thompson and Kalaysia Hart. 

The theatre department overall outstanding award recipient was Nicole Bott, and other outstanding theatre award recipients were Sheyla Espinoza, Dylan Phillips, Quinnae Brooks, Isaac Gonzalez and Lela Grace Lester. Outstanding AVID students included overall recipient Melissa Petrie and other honorees Hannah Jade Caves, Caitlynn Ellis, Jessie Piiparinen and Esmerelda Hornedo. 

Outstanding instrumental music award recipients were Hadley Gebs, Thomas Farrens, Hayden Cagle and Jordan Bowie. 2018 All-State Band honorees were Scott Browning and Rachael Hansen. The Louis Armstrong Jazz award went to Graycee Kennedy and Makayla Robinson. 

The Woody Herman Jazz award was presented to Nathaniel Harmon and Devin O’Harra, and the John Phillip Sousa award to Ian Siegismund. 

2018 All-State Orchestra honorees were Clay Lester and Joseph Maisey, and the outstanding strings student was Hyrum Cooper. 

In choral music, outstanding students were Matthew Geary, Carson Gebs, Nena Sowers and Heidi Barton. 2018 All-State Choir honorees were David Baxter, Matthew Geary, Josaah Roden and Kayli Sharp. 

The choral music department Director’s award went to David Baxter and Kayli Sharp, and the National School Choral award went to Josaah Roden and Cassidy VanDreew. 

Outstanding language arts award winners included Margaret Russell with the overall department award, as well as Micah Harvey, Aubree Wood, Kaysia Cook, Emma Feuz, Maya Angwin and Elizabeth Mia Isaacson. Outstanding journalism award recipients were Jessica Arsenault, Morgan Sanchez and Michala Pearson. 

Outstanding foreign language students were Jake Paucarpura, Brody Kinnane, Rachael Hansen, Rachael Haack, Lauren Hiatt and Kaylynn Hoglin. 

Outstanding career and technical department students were Jakoby Goble, Sydney Bown, Marcus Grisham, Abbigael Hall, Bailee Mackey, Hannah Jade Caves, Bryce Hoglin, Ryan Gomez, Ashlyn Lundholm, Jess Richins, Clay Lester, Vincent Elardi, Melissa Petrie, Degory Day, Bailey Barker, Dakota Buhmann, Eduardo Esquivel, Hunter Graham, Blake Overy, Makenna Link, Aubree Wood, Sierra Burleigh, Kianna Salisbury, Tatyanah Fulks, Taylor Petersen, B’Elanna Sather, Zocia Nowakowski, Mason Jacketta, Kathryn Hatch and Colton Hatch. 

Kathryn Hatch was presented with the outstanding overall math department award, and other recipients of outstanding awards were Jesse Roberts, Jose Echeverria, Emma Feuz, Megan Hutchinson, Kaysia Cook, Esmeralda Hornedo, Alyssa Liechty, Andrew Munoz, Nicole Bott and Taryn Wagstaff. 

Megan Hutchinson was recognized as the outstanding overall science student, while other outstanding students included Natalie Robbins, Lukas Christensen, Dulce Aldana, Victoria Lange, Brady Wagstaff, Kathryn Hatch, Emma Feuz, Emmery Wagstaff, Loren Robertson, Abigail Voss, Nayeli Mota and Mason Jacketta. 

Micah Harvey was selected as the outstanding overall social studies department student. Other outstanding students in social studies were Citlali Cerda, Caleb Richins, Jess Richins, Sierra Burleigh, Reid Gross and Bradshaw Haack. 

The overall outstanding physical education department students were Allysa Dean and Damian Hawkins. Other recipients of outstanding physical education awards were Matthew Geary, Alexandra Demander, Cade Francom, Citlali Torres, Caleb Richins, Montana Martin, Steven Mason and Rhianna Perry. 

Finally, the overall outstanding student council member was Margaret Russell. Brenda Casas, Ashlyn Lundholm, Anahi Escalante, Josie Dennis, Kai Haukaas, Maya Angwin and Degory Day were also awarded as outstanding student council members.


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