‘Great Wyoming ShakeOut’ drill set for Thursday morning

EVANSTON — Uinta County Emergency Management encourages residents to participate in the Great Wyoming ShakeOut, which will be conducted at 10:19 a.m. on Oct. 19, 2017. 

The ShakeOut focuses on earthquake preparedness for families, individuals, business organizations and government agencies across the state. The drill will begin at 10:19 a.m. and participants are encouraged to “Drop, Cover and Hold On.”

“I encourage all residents to participate and use this event to learn more about how to prepare for earthquakes,” Kim West, coordinator of Uinta County Emergency Management, said. “Participating is a great way for your family or organization to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes — wherever you live, work or travel.”

More than 25,000 people in Wyoming are registered for the 2017 ShakeOut exercise. Participants can register for the event at www.shakeout.org/wyoming. 

Participants and organizers can access additional resources on the website. There’s even a short audio and video that can be played during the drill. Personalized certificates of participation can also be downloaded and printed.

Interested participants who cannot take part during the scheduled ShakeOut can determine an alternate time to take part in the activities.

In conjunction with the Great Wyoming ShakeOut, Uinta County Emergency Management, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Grants Program are sponsoring a free giveaway of a limited supply of earthquake hot water heater straps — one strap per family while supplies last.

These straps are for people with hot water heaters that are not strapped down. In the event of an earthquake a hot water heater may fall over and break the gas connection and cause a fire in the home. People can ask local hardware stores for recommendations.

If the free straps are no longer available, there are inexpensive methods to strap a hot water heater down to keep families safe in case of an earthquake. 

The limited supply of straps can be obtained at Cazin’s and The Lumberyard in Evanston. 

For more information on the Great Wyoming ShakeOut or the free hot water heater straps, contact Uinta County Emergency Management at (307) 783-0327 or email [email protected]


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