Grant approvals dominate county commission meeting

EVANSTON — Multiple different grant-funded projects were discussed at the regular meeting of the Uinta County Commissioners on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Grants included funding for security measures at the county complex, assistance for individuals in need throughout the community and funds to create a forensic interview room at the Bridger Valley sheriff’s office.

Kim West with Uinta County Emergency Management said the county has “jumped through all the hoops” and gotten approval for a Department of Homeland Security grant. Those grant dollars will be used to fund two agreements with Convergent Technologies for security at the Uinta County Complex. The installation of 15 video cameras throughout the complex will account for approximately $23,000 of grant spending, while eight electronic door locks will account for approximately another $25,500. West said there will be some money left over from the grant after those two projects and those funds will be applied to other projects that will be funded in part from a different grant. 

A Community Services Block Grant in the amount of $123,693 was approved, to be used from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2019. County clerk Amanda Hutchinson said the grant has provided funding for individuals in need throughout the community for the past several years. Funding has gone to things like one-time assistance with power bills as well as to local organizations such as the Sexual Assault and Family Violence Task Force, Uinta BOCES No. 1 and the Business Leadership Network. 

Leisa Reiter, victim’s advocate with the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office, requested approval of a grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation in an amount of just under $5,000 to be used to create another forensic interview room in the Bridger Valley office. Reiter said the National Institute of Child and Human Development recommends a child-friendly room for conducting interviews and currently the only room available is an interrogation room. 

She said the room in Evanston is very welcoming and comforting.

“We all want to live in that room,” she said.

Reiter said they have worked to find affordable options for putting the room together, including finding murals on Amazon to be used for the forest-themed décor. The commissioners approved her request.


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