Goat roping is inhumane, shouldn’t be ‘entertainment’


Cowboy Days will soon be here. I was concerned at our recent fair about the goat roping event. It should not be happening.

I’m very familiar with this being done in fun with burros, and I’ve seen the pain caused by rope burns. Neither species has the leathery skin to endure this happening time and time again. It’s inhumane — just like the Evanston Animal Shelter’s gas chamber, which is still in use even after many public complaints.

A goat’s skin is not as thick and durable as the skin of a calf. Calf roping comes with the business of ranching. Goat roping is inhumane and should never be a part of “fun” activities in our community.

I watched people roping mechanical figures at the fair and the sound and force of the rope hitting a live animal for entertainment should never happen. Roping is a necessity for ranchers, not to be used as entertainment — especially with goats, whose skin gets burned because they are not made for this.

Goats can also suffer infections if their burns are not properly cared for.

Across the country, burros are in rescue centers and many die because of what this “sport” has inflicted upon them.

It seems like our world is more and more accepting of animal cruelty every day. I often wonder how the people in Germany looked the other way when neighbors were taken to prisons, gas chambers and death camps.

One small act of cruelty leads to another and, before we know it, we stop thinking about it.

I am all for good rodeos, but the purpose needs to be worthy of the reason for the event.

Susan Miller Staley