Former Evanston woman named Wyo. Mother of the Year

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Former Evanston resident Eileen Hale has been named Wyoming Mother of the Year by the American Mother’s Organization. Eileen is the daughter of the late Claude and Myrtle Smith of Evanston.

Hale said she was raised in a busy and wonderful family in Evanston, Wyoming. Her mother was a homemaker and her father worked on the railroad. She said she learned to be a mother by watching her own mother, who filled the home with love, laughter and music. 

Hale met and married her husband, Mel, while attending her second year of college. They moved to the farm where he grew up, in Fairview, and raised their family there. 

They are the parents of seven wonderful children (five boys and two girls). In recent years, they have added five beautiful and talented daughters-in-law and 14 adorable grandchildren. 

Running a farm is hard work, Hale said. As a family they spent long hours together working in the fields and taking care of the animals. They also made time for lots of fun with backyard kickball games, camping trips, singing and laughing. 

Today the Hales children are dedicated parents, involved in their communities and can be counted on to stick to a task until the job is done. 

Hales said that being a mother has been and continues to be a blessing and that it has been her greatest joy

Eileen Hales’ philosophy on mothering

Motherhood is truly a divine role. Mothers love. Mothers nurture. Mothers teach. Mothers demonstrate. And then comes the hardest part. A mother stands back and watches her child spread his or her wings and fly.

She gives endless encouragement and trusts her child to do his or her very best. There is such a deep level of joy and satisfaction that comes when a mother sees her child reach a milestone. From the first breath, to the first step, to the first day of school all the way through to the first job, a mother loves and hopes and has faith that the endless hours of hard work and commitment will prepare her children to be the leaders, teachers and mentors of tomorrow.

The world needs mothers who are strong enough and willing to love fearlessly.Mothering is hard. But, there is so much happiness that comes from being a mother.Being a mother is truly the greatest fun! Where else can you bake cookies, play imaginary friends and experience a gooey hug all in the same day? I truly love being a mother.

Eileen Hales’ philosophy on parenting

Being a parent is all about sharing love. You love your children. You love the things they are involved in. You help your children learn to love themselves and all the people who are around them. Parenting is not about giving up. When you are a parent you stick with your children and help them be successful no matter what circumstances or events come their way. Raising a family is a team effort. Parents work together to create a safe, happy,wonderful home for their children. Parenting affects children for generations. There is simply not a more important role than that of being a good parent.