Fieldhouse a great idea, but timing is terrible


I think the proposed fieldhouse is a wonderful idea for Evanston; however, I am in awe that this is the time chosen to push for an increase in taxes.

We haven’t begun to recover from the economic shutdown and are not expected to see the recovery tunnel — let alone the light in it — for years to come. The governor has proposed the budget cuts for the year. Who knows what cuts Uinta County will endure and what tax increases will be imposed to compensate for those budget cuts?

In case memory fails or the newcomers didn’t know, Evanston is a boom and bust town fortunate enough to have survived many downturns that many Wyoming towns didn’t survive. Currently we have been slapped exceptionally hard. I have faith we will recover yet again but a dose of reality is necessary.

There is even doubt that there will be “in-school” this entire school year. There is confusion as to the accessibility to events. Look at the chaos of professional sports around the country — canceled programs or games with no spectators. This facility has been under consideration for years, so why the effort now, in this time of exceptional uncertainty and decided economic loss?

As the Herald reported, “According to John Crandall with bonding company Stifel and Associates, a 20-year bond on $22.7 million would amount to a monthly impact for homeowners of $4.91 on a $100,000 home and $9.82 on a $200,000 home, or $58.94 and $117.89, respectively, on an annual basis.”

Ray Bodey



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