Federal grant allows Evanston airport to get new snow plow

Staff at the Evanston Airport accepted delivery of a new snow plow on Friday, Jan. 26. According to county GIS coordinator Gary Welling, the acquisition had been in the works for about 18 months to replace the old plow, a 1986 GMC that was purchased used. The new plow itself came with a price tag of about a quarter of a million dollars, paid for primarily with federal grant dollars, and will help keep the airport open in the winter months. The plow component measures 18 feet in length and weighs more than 6000 pounds. The plow was customized for the airport, with pieces coming from several states for assembly in Utah prior to delivery. Welling said, “It’s a bigger deal than just picking something out of a catalog.” (HERALD PHOTOS/Sheila McGuire)

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