Family wakes up to dead rabbits on hood of car

EVANSTON — A local family awoke on Tuesday, July 11, to find three dead jackrabbits on the hood of one of their cars.

“I got up to get my son up to go to music camp,” mother Danielle Cox said, “and I just look out my windows when I get up in the morning, and I look[ed] out and [saw] the ... dead bunnies on my daughter’s car.”

Two jackrabbits had been placed under the windshield wipers, and the other was lying on the hood itself. A neighbor had called the police by that time, Cox said, so right around the time she was going outside to digest what she was seeing, an officer was pulling up to take the report.

“You definitely feel violated,” she said. “... It’s pretty traumatic.”

Cox said her 17-year-old daughter has been going through harassment since March, and that Cox herself has received threats. She said there have been other attacks on her daughter’s car — including human feces left on it — and attacks on social media.

“I’ll be the first to admit that my daughter ... is not 100 percent innocent, but she has not done anything to wrong these people to ... [justify them treating] her like this,” she said.

“I know it’s rampant. I know it’s not just my child,” Cox said of this kind of harassment, both through physical acts and through social media. “I know that a lot of kids struggle with this, and I feel bad for this younger generation for that reason, because so much harm can be done by word.”

Cox said she has an idea who might be responsible and has passed the information on to the police.

Lt. Ken Pearson said, as of Tuesday, July 18, the police were not investigating the jackrabbit story because they had not received any direct leads. However, as of Monday night, officers are investigating threatening messages sent back and forth between Cox’s daughter and another teenaged girl. Officers are trying to contact the other girl potentially involved in that case.

Pearson said the jackrabbit case is unusual; the last time he remembers dead rabbits left on a car was maybe 10 or more years ago.

“That was more of a cowboy trick to one another, and that was a passerby who called us,” he said. “This one’s definitely a sick joke, or definitely not nice, especially to the rabbits.”

“I mean, you’re kind of demented to do something like that,” he added.

The incident itself is likely a case of disorderly conduct, Pearson said.

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