Eyre is the right conservative for Wyoming’s House District 19


We are writing this letter to proclaim our support for Danny Eyre for House District 19. We strongly believe he is the right conservative for the job.

Growing up, we were taught that a true conservative “pays their own way.”  Because Danny Eyre supported some small fee increases that had not been raised in 30-plus years, he is being labeled a liberal. That is ridiculous.

These fees were put in place to pay for the programs they fund. The minerals boom allowed us to subsidize cost increases over all these years. Now that money is gone, and those increases just put the programs back to a more self-sustaining level. We are still paying significantly less than our ancestors. We’re sure they wouldn’t feel we are being unfairly burdened.

Second, we were taught a true conservative welcomes debate, respects others, and puts their name behind their comments. Anonymous websites are being used by extremists to cherry-pick some votes and attack good men and women without having the courage to show their names. It was just a few years ago the Republican Party was outraged by liberal websites doing similar actions, now it’s apparently appropriate. Principled conservatives don’t hide behind anonymity, and we should give exactly zero credence to websites like this.

Third, we were taught that your integrity is your most valuable asset. Without it, you don’t deserve to be called a conservative no matter what you believe. Danny Eyre is a man of impeccable character. You know when he tells you something, it is the truth. In order to be an effective and influential legislator, you must have integrity. He is absolutely the right man from this standpoint.

We have been blessed over the past 40 years with revenue streams that seemed unending. It allowed us to have smaller class sizes in our schools, a state retirement system significantly better than surrounding states and improved roads as well as equipment to maintain them.    

Now we are facing unprecedented revenue reductions. Danny has already voted for over $500 million in reductions to the state budget. Despite that, we face shortfalls of another $1.5 billion. We could eliminate all state employees and still be short. As much as we might impulsively say “so what?” the fact is this would be as preposterous as “defunding the police” will make our country safer. 

All those “blessings” we enjoy, and many more, are going to face budget cuts that are going to be anything but easy. No one group or individual has all the answers in spite of the rhetoric. The problems are far too significant for easy quips. We need prudent, thoughtful discussion and a legislator who can work with others to bring responsible solutions — someone who will listen to facts and testimony and be able to effect the right decisions. We absolutely trust Danny Eyre to be that conservative and encourage you to do the same.

Scott Dickerson, Bridger Valley

Eric South, Evanston


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