Evanston woman airlifted after being struck by truck

Jennifer Barker is in good condition at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City after a pickup involved in a crash with a semi-truck was sent spinning and struck Barker as she was jogging Wednesday morning with two other women. (COURTESY PHOTO)

EVANSTON — An Evanston woman was flown to a Salt Lake City hospital Wednesday morning after she was struck by a pickup that was involved in a collision with a semi-truck. Jennifer Barker was jogging with two other women when the incident occurred, though Barker was the only one injured.

According to an Evanston Police Department incident report, officers were dispatched to the corner of Wasatch Drive and Constitution Avenue around 7 a.m. Wednesday. Officers, who arrived at the same time as an ambulance, found Barker lying on the ground with several people around her. Upon approaching the scene, according to the report, Barker was bleeding from her ears.

According to witnesses, Barker and one of the joggers stopped on the sidewalk to wait for the other woman to catch up. A semi was in the left lane heading west on Wasatch and turned right onto Constitution, colliding with a Dodge pickup that was in the right lane and sending it spinning. The back end of the pickup struck Barker as it spun, throwing her from the sidewalk into the street on Constitution.

The semi-truck driver, Juan Arreguin of Ogden, Utah, told police he didn’t see the pickup, according to the incident report. Neither Arreguin nor the driver of the pickup, Chance Jenkins of Bear River, was injured. 

Barker was taken by ambulance to Evanston Regional Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a subdural bleed on her brain, a fracture to the left side of her skull, a fractured left occipital lobe and a fractured pelvis.

She was flown by an AirMed helicopter to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. U of U Hospital spokeswoman Suzanne Winchester said Thursday that Barker was in good condition and will likely be released soon.

Arreguin was cited for inattentive driving. In addition, semis aren’t allowed on Constitution Avenue, and signs saying as much are clearly visible, EPD Lt. Ken Pearson said.


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