Evanston school board should rescind guns policy


On March 13, the Uinta County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees voted in favor of policy CKA, the school security policy, on a second reading. It passed 5-2, with two trustees absent. I have to ask; why not a third reading, and why such a big hurry? The policy isn’t effective until July 2018.

I’m very curious about Merle Lester’s comments about working for eight years on the issue of arming teachers that enables concealed carry to be adopted at the state level. Has Lester been working as a lobbyist for the school district or maybe an unrevealed corporation? Evanston High School Principal Lester also said he has had a significant number of certificates for training courses donated. Who donated these training certificates? Shouldn’t the public know where they came from and why?

Superintendent Ryan Thomas said he was “scared” not to do anything so he wanted the policy implemented. He further stated that there are still lots of unanswered questions and tactics that we can’t talk about. I really don’t like school boards and secrecy. I would think that everything needs to be transparent and above board. 

Over the years I have seen numerous times across America where some teachers are let go from their jobs for pretty heinous crimes that include sexual misconduct, child abuse, drug addiction and others. Yet because of secrecy, these people are allowed to move across the country and start anew and endanger our young all over again. 

I really don’t see the school district being able to afford the liability insurance that would make this work. The school buildings are one thing but what do you do about outside and sporting events?

I understand that trustee David Bennett was passionate about his thoughts. But I really don’t think he put much thought in his comments when he said: “I was there for a lot of years; how do you know I wasn’t concealed carrying for 21 years?”

I mean really, were you in violation of school policy and current law for 21 years? I think Bennett needs to clarify.  

And this last statement of Bennett’s just floors me: “I would hope some of the building principals have got the balls to get in on this.”

I would say that this statement is clearly covered in the sex discrimination policy and is very disrespectful toward the two women principals who currently work in the district. I feel it is also a form of intimidation/bullying aimed at all of the staff.

The end result in all of this is to make all students as safe as possible while attending school here.

I would like to see the vote on March 13 rescinded and the School Security CKA policy further worked on and when finalized making sure it is with all nine trustees. 

There is the question of finance and I see that a couple of things working at the federal level that may make money available in form of grants.

I would also like to see enough money in grants to establish a counselor for every grade in every school.

Wayne Morrow



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