Evanston math teacher hits new record on the golf course

Evanston High School math teacher Michelle Biddulph accomplished a rare feat this past golf season, recording not one, but two holes-in-one at the Purple Sage Golf Course. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Biddulph records two aces at Purple Sage

Making a hole in one is a feat most amateur golfers can only dream of accomplishing. As it turns out, hitting a small, white ball into a hole the size of your fist is no easy task. Some of the greatest golfers in the world will never make an ace in their lifetime. Yet during one golf season, Evanston resident and math teacher Michelle Biddulph can claim making not one but two hole-in-one shots. As a statistics teacher at the high school, Biddulph was interested in the odds of a hole-in-one.

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