Evanston man arrested in Wednesday shooting on Sage Street

George C. Andrews (COURTESY PHOTO/Uinta County Sheriff's Office)

EVANSTON — An Evanston man was arrested on Wednesday, May 20, following an incident in which a fellow Evanston man was shot in the abdomen. George C. Andrews has been charged with felony aggravated assault and battery after allegedly shooting Byron Pinegar at a home on Sage Street.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, Evanston police responded after Pinegar himself called 911 to report he had been shot. Police officers had quickly taken Andrews into custody at the residence, when officers Zachary Marler and Nic Knezovich and Det. Jake Williams arrived and Pinegar told them Andrews had shot him.

While Knezovich assisted Pinegar until emergency crews arrived, Knezovich and Williams reportedly entered the residence, heard movement in the basement and issued orders to come upstairs while showing hands to officers. Upon coming up the stairs, Andrews reportedly admitted he shot Pinegar and said he had taken matters into his own hands because he was “tired of getting his ass beat” by the victim. Andrews also told officers that the gun, a .410-gauge shotgun with the stock sawed off, was on his bed, where it was later retrieved.

Williams and officer Ben Gilmore questioned Andrews’ roommates, who were present at the scene. One roommate allegedly witnessed the shooting while Pinegar and Andrews were having a verbal argument in the living room, while the other said he heard the gunshot from the kitchen. Both roommates indicated Andrews had been angry with Pinegar for quite some time and had previously made statements about wanting to harm him.

When arrested, Andrews himself reportedly told officers on more than one occasion that he had shot Pinegar because he “was tired of it” and said, “You guys did nothing about it, so I did.” Andrews also allegedly repeatedly made comments stating he was going to kill Pinegar.

Andrews was booked into the Uinta County Detention Center. Court documents indicate he was previously convicted of felony possession of methamphetamine in 2013. He now faces up to 10 years of imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both for the aggravated assault and battery charge.

Pinegar was transported to Evanston Regional Hospital for treatment of his injuries. A press release from the EPD said he was later transported to a Utah hospital for further treatment. As of press time, his status was unknown.

The incident is still an active investigation, though the EPD release stated the department would like to reassure the public that it was an isolated incident, the suspect was quickly apprehended and there is no present danger to the public.


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