Evaluation ordered for man accused of stabbing woman

EVANSTON — A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for an Evanston man charged with aggravated assault and battery and interfering with a peace officer. Matthew T. Dausman, 33, was arrested on Dec. 4 and had an arraignment in Third District Court on Dec. 21, at which time a competency hearing was ordered and all proceedings suspended pending determination of his mental fitness. 

According to court documents, there is a “question as to defendant’s capacity to comprehend his position, to understand the nature and object of the proceedings against him, to conduct his defense in a rational manner, and to cooperate with his counsel to the end that any available defense may be interposed.” 

An affidavit filed in the case states Dausman was arrested after law enforcement was summoned to Evanston Regional Hospital the morning of Dec. 4 related to a woman, Arla Dean, who had been admitted to ERH with multiple stab wounds to the face, shoulder and torso. According to the affidavit a friend had taken Dean to the hospital after the victim had knocked on the friend’s door covered in blood. 

Dausman allegedly stabbed the woman during an argument and then left the scene in the victim’s car. That vehicle was spotted by members of the Evanston Police Department, who stopped the vehicle and employed the use of restraints to subdue Dausman, who was allegedly fighting with officers. 

Inspection of the car revealed fresh blood in the vehicle as well as a large folding knife. Dausman himself reportedly also had blood stains on his clothing. Upon further investigation, blood was found in the driveway, doorway and living room of the friend’s residence. The friend told officers that Dean said “the demons” made Dausman stab her. 

Court documents state Dean was taken by helicopter to a Salt Lake City hospital due to lacerations of her liver and heart.


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