EPD warns of river danger after overturned kayak scare

Emergency crews gather at the Bear Paw Trailhead and prepare for a river rescue following a report of two missing kayakers on Tuesday, June 4. (HERALD PHOTO/Sheila McGuire)

EVANSTON — Local first responders sprang into action on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 4, when an emergency call came in regarding two missing kayakers on the Bear River, whose kayak was spotted empty and overturned on the river. 

Within minutes crews had gathered at the Bear Paw Trailhead to prepare for a river rescue and a drone had been deployed to fly over the river to help in the search for the missing kayakers. Ultimately, the two men were found on the river bank moments later, at which point they indicated they had both made it out of the water safely after their kayak overturned and were not in need of assistance. 

Evanston Police Department Lt. Ken Pearson said, although this incident came to a speedy and positive result, people should remember to be careful around the river.

“The police department would love to remind everyone the river is running very high from the late spring temperatures,” he said. “If anyone is around the river, please keep an eye on your pets and children to ensure they stay away from the extremely cold and very swift water. The water will cause hypothermia in minutes even if you are the strongest of swimmers.”


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