Election night standoff ends with arrest

 A press release from the Evanston Police Department stated that they responded to a call about an armed, intoxicated male at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Silver Sage apartment complex.


Officers arrived after reports that Steven Stoudt had allegedly threatened a relative by pointing a revolver at them and pulling the trigger. The weapon never fired.


Stoudt had reportedly stated that he wanted to die in a shootout with police.  A concerned relative believed he also had his young child inside the apartment.


Police responded and set up observation points outside of the apartment. Uinta County Fire and Ambulance also responded.  Negotiators and relatives attempted to establish contact with Stoudt. 


Stoudt had turned off the gas with the alleged intent of burning down the apartment. He began barricading the apartment and tearing it apart. Police shut off the gas and evacuated the scene. Officers outside reported seeing Stoudt holding a revolver. According to the report he screamed from inside and left irrational messages on relatives’ phones. 


The press release said, “The Southwest Wyoming Special Response Team was deployed out of Sweetwater County to bring additional resources to the scene.”  


An investigation revealed that no children were on the scene. Stoudt was alone, and all children were safe at the home of another relative. 


Officers attempted to negotiate, but Stoudt would not cooperate. He eventually left the apartment, continuing to resist arrest. He was subdued and was transported to the Evanston Regional Hospital to get medically cleared before being placed in the Uinta County Jail.        









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