EHS holds academic awards assembly

Sierra Burleigh holds the keys to the car she'll be driving for the next two years after earning the scholarship for a two-year lease at the Evanston High School academic awards assembly. Also pictured are Sierra's parents, Robert and Tracy Burleigh, and AutoFarm Castle Rock general manager Dennis Lynch. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — Evanston High School principal Merle Lester began the Academic Awards Assembly on Wednesday, May 22nd, by recognizing the 2018 – 2019 National Honor Society members: Ajahonna Archuleta, Sydney Bown, Kaylie Critchfield, Hyrum Cooper, Kylee Cox, Caitlynn Ellis, Emma Feuz, Alexis Frongner, Naihya Gillies, Bradshaw Haack, Kaelyn Hiatt, Alexandra Hansen, Rachael Hansen, Kennedy Johnston, Morgan Johnston, Clay Lester, Cristofer Periman, Megan Piper, Bailey Porter, Kelly Saxton, Kayli Sharp, Kyra Sponenburgh, Eryn Symes, Harrison Tooley, Weston Wiley, and Reghan Worley.

Advisor Matt Petersen recognized the Uinta Chapter national Honor Society 2018-2019 officers. President – Breila Fuller; 1stVice President – Sierra Burleigh; 2ndVice President – Carson Gebs; Secretary – Kori Deru; and Treasurer – Brittany Barton; Reporter – Jenna Tethal.

Next the Presidents Education Awards Program for Education Excellence was awarded to the following students: Brittany Barton, Sydney Bown, Sierra Burleigh, Hyrum Cooper, Kylee Cox, Alexandra Demander, Chaz Dennis, Kori Deru, Lance Evans, Emma Feuz, Breila Fuller, Carson Gebs, Naihya Gillies, Reid Gross, Bradshaw Haack, Rachael Hansen, Kaelyn Hiatt, Kennedy Johnston, Morgan Johnston, Clay Lester, Bailey Porter, Brandon Sepos, Kayli Sharp, Kyra Sponenburgh, Jenna Tethal, Harrison Tooley, Weston Wiley, and Reghan Worley.  For Education Achievement the following students received the award: Ajahonna Archuleta, Scott Browning, McKinzey Camphouse, Caitlynn Ellis, Alexis Frongner, Laura Hernandez, Kate Murdock, Cristofer Periman, Jessie Roundy, Kelly Saxton, and Eryn Symes.

Awards for the 2019 Girl’s State went to Bailey Barker and Makenna Link. Following that award were awards for the Highest ACT – Bradshaw Haack; Highest ASVAB – Heinrich Schoedel; and the Highest PSAT – Charles Winfield. The 2019 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Camp award recipients were – Auna George, Elizabeth Horrocks, Marinna Mentzel, and Jarod Stahl and the award from the University of Wyoming High School Institute was received by Benjamin Cook, Kyleigh Diaz, Marinna Mentzel, and Colter Walton.

Other special recognition awards were: Society of Women Engineers Science & Mathematics – Highest Honor went to Emma Feuz; High Honor – Reghan Worley; and Honor – Carson Gebs.

Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship Athletics Citizenship Award recipients were Brittany Barton and Weston Wiley.

United States Marine Corps-Distinguished Athlete Award recipients were Seth Lloyd and Kyra Sponenburgh. The U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award was given to Rachael Hansen.

The United States Air Force Outstanding Math Award went to Hyrum Cooper and the Outstanding Science Award went to Emma Feuz.

Weston Wiley and Brittany Barton each received the 2019 Southwest District Senior Student Athlete of the Year Award.

Next the Special Departmental Awards recipients were: Overall in Art: Department – Jessie Roundy; Art I – Katherine White; Drawing & Painting – Janie Ungerman; Advanced Drawing & Painting – Abby Dalton; Photography – Rylan Worley; AP Studio Art – Stella Thompson; Pottery I – Araka Lebaron; and Pottery II – Rae Bassett. For Excellence in Art: Art I – Jonathan Baxter, Cora Hatch, Marinna Mentzel, Nayeli Mota, and Cutter Nicholson; Drawing & Painting - Sadie Brown, Beckham Carver, Alana Johnson, Khanet Kanhawek, and Breeshia Price; AP Advanced Drawing & Painting – Macgregor Cottrell; Photography – Bailey Barker, Caden Fry, Mason Jacketta, Isabel Munoz, and Elizabeth Rogers; AP Studio Art – Alexis Frongner, Naihya Gillies, Aylin Godina, and Morgan Johnston; Jewelry – Connor Blakeman; Pottery I – Lauren Church; Pottery II – Nivek Bork and Jessie Roundy; and Pottery III – Tyus Cornia and Brady Hurd.

Sponsor Jeremy Paddock gave awards for the Hispanic Honorary Society to Brittany Barton, Hyrum Cooper, Breila Fuller, Kaelyn Hiatt, Clay Lester and Weston Wiley.

Sponsor Brenden Ellis gave awards for the Evanston FFA Chapter of Wyoming State Association to President – Bailey Barker; Vice President – Clay Martin; Secretary – Dakota Buhmann; Treasurer – Degory Day; Reporter – Noah VanVleet; Sentinel – Tianna Pierce; McKinzey Camphouse; Sheridan Durrant; and Mikilie Sims.

Sponsors Brian Hill and Clarissa Cole presented awards for the National Speech & Debate Association to Co-Captain – Bobee Caves; Co-Captain – Rachael Hansen; Co-Captain – Alyssa Liechty; Elizabeth Curtis, Karsten Heyrend, and Kate Murdock.

For the Quill & Scroll International Honorary Society sponsor Aaron Dalton recognized Britney Li and Ana Val Marcen.

The DECA Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs awards were presented by sponsor Cheryl Cranford to students Katie Labrum, Britney Li and Kathryn Williams.

Brian Hill presented awards for the French Honor Society to President – Rachael Hansen; Publicity – Angelina Smith; Treasurer – Kimber Todd; Coordinator of Events – Francisco Vejar and Michael Reis. Also awards were given to William Crippen and Loa Muller.

International Thespian Society awards were given by sponsor Erin Russell. Students receiving the awards were: President – Lela Grace Lester; Vice President – Karsten Heyrend; Secretary – Kylee Robinson; and Samantha Bentley, Bailey Bettinson, Brendan Davenport, Josie Dennis, Sheridan Durrant, Thomas Farrens, Isaac Gonzales, Kayli Sharp, Chandaln Whitear, and Tyler Wirick.

Sponsor Trudy Holt presented the awards for Family, Career & Community Leaders of America to Co-President – Chelyn Daniels; Co-President – Devin O’Harra; Officer Team – Marie Davis; Hope Martin, Rhenona Powers and Kianna Salisbury.

Advisors Michelle Biddulph and Sunny Schuler presented the Student Council 2018-2019 awards. Officers receiving awards are: President – Josie Dennis; Vice-President – Maya Angwin and Secretary – Kai Haukaas. Outstanding council members receiving awards are: Overall – Kai Haukaas; Executive – Maya Angwin; Senior – Josie Dennis; Junior – Ashlyn Lundholm; Junior – Jessie Piiparinen; Sophomore – Kyleigh Diaz; and Freshman – Francisco Vejar.

They then recognized all 2018-2019 Student Council members: Jordan Bowie (Sophomore President), Beckham Carver, Degory Day, Kyleigh Diaz, Maria Elsen, Ashley Fry (Senior President), Auna George, Priscilla Harmon, Kaylynn Hoglin, Esmeralda Hornedo, Willow LaRocco, Hannah Linford, Ashlyn Lundholm, Bethany Mendez (Freshmen President), Jessie Piiparinen (Junior President), Michelle Quintero, JaLynn Reichenberg, Michael Ries, Hunter Sims, Aimee Skaggs, Francisco Vejar, and Brittany Vivanco.

Those receiving Perfect Attendance Awards were: Ayden Clark, Logan Driver, Ricardo Heredia (all 4 years), Kaylynn Hoglin, Brendon Li (2 years), Britney Li (3 years), Tanner Newsome, Lance Palmer (2 years), Jesus Roque (2 years), Jessie Roundy (3 years), Ken Sinche, Elena Stephen, Michael Tyler (2 years), McCoy Vozakis, Carter Young, and Zoie Young.

Theatre Outstanding Department award went to Lela Grace Lester. Theatre I award recipients were: Caleb Delgado and Kayli Sharp; Theatre II awards went to Josie Dennis, Karsten Heyrend and Chandaln Whitear; and Technical Theatre award to Samantha Bentley. Excellence Awards in Theatre recipients were: Theatre I – Heather Dalrymple, Laura Hernandez, Ethan Jones, Karen Medrano Mora, and Tyler Wirick; Theatre II – Bailey Bettinson, Brendan Davenport, Sheridan Durrant, Hannah Linford, and Kylee Robinson; and Technical Theatre – Macsen Adams, Demetrio Gallegos, Becklee Lester, Rhenona Powers, and Brenden Thompson.

Instrumental Music Awards went to: Outstanding Instrumentalist – Caitlynn Ellis – 12 Grade; Hayden Cagle – 11 Grade; Jordan Bowie – 10 Grade; Booker Day – 9 Grade. The John Phillip Sousa Award went to Scott Browning and the Semper Fidelis Award recipient is Thomas Farrens. The 2019 All State Band award winner is Scott Browning. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award recipients are Jeffrey Ungerman and Weston Wiley. The Woody Herman Jazz Award recipients are Rachael Haack and Logan Kennedy. The 2019 All State Orchestra members are Hyrum Cooper and Joseph Maisey. Outstanding Strings Award went to Hyrum Cooper.

Choral Music Awards are as follows: Outstanding Awards to: Carson Gebs – 12 Grade; David Baxter – 11 Grade; Heidi Barton – 10 Grade; and Linzy Sharp – 9 Grade. 2019 All-State Choir members are: David Baxter, Andrew Munoz, Linzy Sharp, Kayli Sharp, and Jarod Stahl. The 2019 All-Northwest Choir Member is Kayli Sharp. The Director’s Award went to Hyrum Cooper and Kate Murdock. The highest award, the National School Choral Award recipients are Bradshaw Haack and Kayli Sharp.

Principal Lester recognized the outstanding AVID Awards. The overall recipient was Loa Muller. AVID IV award went to Caitlynn Ellis; AVID III – Amber Lowe; AVID II – Caden Fry and Jordynn Tyler; and AVID I – Ken Sinche.

Outstanding in Language Arts: Department – Sydney Bown; English 9 – Alexa Zazueta; English 10 – Jocelyn Roper; English 11 – Kaylynn Hoglin; English 12 – Hannah Sowers; College Prep English 9 – Linzy Sharp; College Prep English 10 – Allie Pace; College Prep English11 – Britney Li; College Prep English 12 – Chandaln Whitear; Pre AP English 10 – Heidi Barton; AP English Lit & Comp – Heinrich Schoedel and College English 1010/1020 – Bradshaw Haack.

Excellence in Language Arts: English 9 – Jonathan Baxter, Alexis Chandler, Salvador Sanchez, and Fernanda Vejar. English 10 – Nickolas Child, Mariah Lebaron, Yoselin Orozco Jaimez, Breeshia Price, and Maggie Tomlinson. English 11 – Garrett Bishop, Brody Kinnane, Ana Val Marcen, and Cesareo Ontiveros. English 12 – Brenden Davenport, Trystan Marshall, Rhianna Perry, Reed Robinson, and Stella Thompson. College Prep 9 – McKye Carver, Amelia Barker, Abbie Rigby, Ken Sinche, and McCoy Vozakis. College Prep 10 – Shelby McIntosh, Brooke Phillips, Allyson Sawyer, and Kaden Welling. College Prep 11 – David Baxter, Amber Lowe, Jeffrey Ungerman, and Taryn Wagstaff. College Prep 12 – Josie Dennis, Hope Martin, Tiana Mendoza, Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid, and Sarah Robinson. Pre-AP English 10 – Rachael Haack, Sydney Lyman, Katherine White, and Lilly Williams. AP English Lit – Bailey Barker, Kaleb Horrocks, Alyssa Liechty, and Sabrina O’Brien. College 1010/1020 – Brittany Barton, Breila Fuller, Rachael Hansen, and Reghan Worley.

Outstanding Awards in Foreign Language: Overall – Allie Pace; French I – Madison Sepos; French II – Hannah Ochinero; French III – Kimber Todd; Spanish I – McKye Carver; Spanish II – Addyson Fernandez; Spanish III – Taylor Petersen; English Language Development – Dulce Aldana.

Excellence in Foreign Language awards: French I – Rachel Buzarde, Cole Francis, Casedi Jensen, Lakodinae Simp, and Janie Ungerman. French II – Dulce Aldana, Damaris Gonzales, Samuel McFadden, Madison Wilson, and Cody Wirick. French III – Nicole Casali, Brody Kinnane, and Loa Muller. Spanish I – Alexandra Demander, Connor Fackrell, Taryn Holt, Jaxin Moore, and Adam Wiley. Spanish II – Naihya Gillies, Erik Greer, Rachael Haack, Jordynn Tyler, and Destiny Swensen. Spanish III – Heather Buzarde, Jayden Cornell, Abigail Lozano, Mariah Moore, and Alma Ramirez Palayo. English Language Development – Silvia Gricelda Pu Tum.

In the Journalism department Britney Li received the outstanding award for the Yearbook. Excellence Awards for Yearbook went to Bryssa Blevins, Nicole Casali, Aubrey MacDougall, Ana Val Marcen, Hope Martin, and Mikilie Sims.

In the Career and Technical Department Outstanding Awards were given to the following: Vocational Department – Dustin Miller; Business/Marketing Dept. – Chaz Dennis; Auto Body & Pain – Reed Robinson; Girls Auto – Alex Henderson; Modern Auto – Ricardo Heredia; Project Auto – Jaxon Lym; Cabinetry-Beginning – Jake Andrus; Cabinetry-Intermediate – Ulises Saenz; Cabinetry-Advanced – Tyler Murphy; Drafting I – Dallin Cardon; Advanced Drafting – Dustin Miller; Architectural Drafting – Vincent Elardi; Computer Drafting I – Emma Bell; Computer Drafting II – Carter Garfias; Animal Science – Bailey Barker; Intro to Agriculture – Kelse Nelson; Agriculture Mechanics – Broque Wilkerson; Range Science – Garrett Berger; Welding I – Noah VanVleet; Welding II – Dallin Cardon; Project Welding – Chaz Dennis; Childcare I – Kaitlyn Mathson; Childcare II – Paris Martin; Childcare Internship – Tharyn Barker; Culinary Arts I – Kianna Salisbury; Culinary Arts II – Rhenona Powers; Homes & Design – Abagail Rusch; Accounting – Britney Li; Intro to Business – Lauren Ellingford; Sports Marketing – Ken Sinche; C#Programming – Harrison Tooley; Design & Fabrication - Payt Burton; Principles of Engineering – Aidan Jacketta; Web Design – Bradshaw Haack.

Career and Technical Excellence Awards recipients: Beginning Cabinetry – Ryan Balwin, Lance Palmer, Casey Periman, Maria Quintano, and Heinrich Schoedel; Intermediate Cabinetry – Jafet Godina, Hope Martin, and Byrlie Thomas; Advanced Cabinetry – Colyer Clyne, Immanuel Lange, Jessie Martin, Sarah Robinson, and Mason Smith; Drafting I – Emma Bell, Hailey Cardon, Kylee Cox, Dawson Crofts, and Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid; Advanced Drafting – Micah Cox; Computer Drafting I – Jamin Barker, Dallin Cardon, Breila Fuller, Ashlyn Lundholm, Samuel McFadden, and Rigden Wagstaff; Computer Drafting II – Lane Evans and Clay Lester; Architectural Drafting – Kody Smith; Childcare – Kyra Albert, Allison Andrus, Seanna Ellingford, Cora Hatch, and Kylce Matthews; Childcare Internship – Alexis Andrews, Trinity Elmer, Ashley Fry, Taryn Holt, Bailey Peterson, and Abagail Rusch; Culinary I – Ajahonna Archuleta, Jayda Ellis, Rachael Hansen, Taryn Holt, and Allie Pace; Culinary II – Rhianna Perry and Kianna Salisbury; Homes & Design – Olivia Brackin, Braylynn Gillett, Quetzalli Penaloza-Orozco, Jessie Piiparinen, and Silvia Gricelda Pu Tum; Accounting – Lance Evans, Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid, Alyssa Liechty, and Carson Skaggs; Introduction to Business & Finance – Caitlynn Ellis, Emily Freeland, Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid, Erik Greer, Carson Skaggs, and Ana Val Marcen; Sports Marketing – Talen Critchfield, Jayden Schneider, Payton Vernon, and Bodie Wicks.

Outstanding Math Awards: Department – Bradshaw Haack; Pre-Algebra – Mariah Lebaron; AP Calculus AB – Bailey Barker; AP Calculus BC – Breila Fuller; Integrated I – Alexis Chandler; Integrated II – Kody Rex; Integrated III – Britney Li; Statistics – Jeffrey Ungerman;  AP Statistics – Sydney Bown; Trigonometry/Pre-Cal I – Allie Pace.

Excellence Math Awards: Pre-Algebra – ChaeLyne Fae Arnell, Treyton Davenport, and Francisco Vejar; AP Calculus AB – Carson Gebs, Kaylynn Hoglin, Hannah Linford, Jake Paucarpura, and Garet Sharp; AP Calculus B/C – Hyrum Cooper, Lance Evans, Rachael Hansen, Cristofer Periman, and Brandon Sepos; Integrated I – Allison Andrus, April Stacia Barker, Connor Culp, Jessie Roberts, and Melia Wilson; Integrated II – Payt Burton, Hannah Fackrell, Elizabeth Horrocks, and Brendon Li; Integrated III – Addyson Fernandez, Savannah Hatch, Aidan Jacketta, Aubrey Martin, and Eeric Orozco Jaimez; Statistics – Caitlynn Ellis, Tyrell Halladay, Rhianna Perry, and Heinrich Schoedel; AP Statistics – Emma Feuz and Megan Piper; Trig/PreCal – Citlali Cerda, Rachael Haack, Ashlyn Lundholm, Andrew Munoz, and Carter Young.

Outstanding Science Award recipients: Department – Bradshaw Haack; Anatomy U Physiology – Sydney Bown; Biology – Andrew Munoz; Pre AP Biology – Aubrey Martin; AP Biology – Emma Feuz and Bradshaw Haack; Chemistry – Victoria Lange; AP Chemistry – Heinrich Schoedel; Earth & Space – Laura Hernandez; Horticulture – Savana Budd; Physical Science – Madison Wilson; Physics – Lance Evans.

Excellence Science Award recipients: Anatomy & Physiology – Kylee Cox, Kaylie Critchfield, Amber Lowe, Ashlyn Lundholm, and Taryn Wagstaff; Biology – Addyson Fernandez, Yoselin Orozco Jaimez, Breeshia Price, Kaden Welling, and Katherine White; Pre AP Biology – Amelia Barker, McKye Carver, Shelyse Ellingford, Madyson Green, Elizabeth Horrocks, and Riley Ovard; AP Biology – Naihya Gillies, Kaylynn Hoglin, Hannah Linford, and Weston Wiley; Chemistry – Rachael Haack, Bailey Hodson, Tia Nelson, Ana Val Marcen, and Carter Young; AP Chemistry – Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid, Mason Jacketta, Tyler Murphy, Jake Paucarpura, and Garet Sharp; Earth & Space – Ardi Brahaj, Willow Goodfellow, Mariah Moore, Natalie Robbins, and Kyra Sponenburgh; Horticulture – Madison Bair, Hayden Cagle, Lauren Church, Kaelyn Hiatt, and Ryker Zuehlsdorff; Physical Science – Alyssa DeRosas, Braylynn Gillett, Erin Henderson, Emma Liechty, and Keeley Roberta; Physics – Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid, Carson Gebs, Rylie Griggs, Gavin Layton, and Jeffrey Ungerman.

In Social Studies Outstanding Awards went to: Department – Breila Fuller; Geography – Degory Day and Katherine White; Political Science – Kylee Cox and Kennedy Johnson; AP Political Science – Emma Feuz; U.S. History – Britney Li and Jeffrey Ungerman; AP U.S. History – Heinrich Schoedel. Students with Excellence in Social Studies are: Geography – Cole Francis, Andrew Munoz, Hannah Ochinero and Lilly Williams; Political Science – Sydney Bown, Sierra Burleigh, Laura Hernandez, Kaelyn Hiatt, Morgan Johnston, and Jenna Tethal; AP Political Science – Lance Evans, Carson Gebs, Bradshaw Haack, Reghan Worley, and Weston Wiley; U.S. History – Mya Angwin, Beckham Carver, Alfonso Garcia-Rojo Madrid, Brody Kinnane, Makenna Link, Amber Lowe, Ashlyn Lundholm, Cesareo Ontiveros, Jessie Piiparinen, Rigden Wagstaff, Taryn Wagstaff, and Ana Val Marcen; AP U.S. History – Kaylynn Hoglin, Alyssa Liechty, and Hannah Linford.

Outstanding Awards in Physical Education/Health were: Overall Department - Alexandra Demander and Cristofer Periman; Competitive Strength Building – Bryssa Blevins and Tyrell Halladay; Health – Baylie Critchfield and Jaun Zermeno; Physical Conditioning I – Shelyse Ellingford and Jaxin Moore; Physical Conditioning II – Marinna Mentzel and Nathan Younce; Strength Building – Mason Jacketta and Alyssa Liechty.

Awards in Excellence in Physical Education/Health were: Competitive Strength Building – Bridger Barker, David Baxter, Sydney Bown, Tia Nelson, and Zocia Nowakowski; Health – Eli Brooks, Emily Freeland, Aidan Jacketta, Kurtis Richins, and Linzy Sharp; Physical Conditioning I – Amelia Barker, April Stacia Barker, Juan Cerda, Abbie Rigby, and Blake Ross; Physical Conditioning II – Ryan Baldwin, Kambree Brown, Brendan Davenport, Jafet Godina, and Andrew Munoz; Strength Building – Angel Cervantes, Ricardo Heredia, Bailey Hodson, Tyler Murphy, and Rhianna Perry.

EHS Seniors who passed the advanced placement exam in 2018 are: Biology – Brittany Barton, Kori Deru, Kennedy Johnston, and Morgan Johnston; Calculus AB – Hyrum Cooper, Emma Feuz, Breila Fuller, Bradshaw Haack, Brandon Sepos, and Weston Wiley; Chemistry – Hyrum Cooper, Emma Feuz, Bradshaw Haack, and Weston Wiley; U.S. History – Brittany Barton, Lance Evans, Emma Feuz, Breila Fuller, Rachael Hansen, Kaelyn Hiatt, Kennedy Johnston, Morgan Johnston, Bailey Porter, Kayli Sharp, Weston Wiley and Reghan Worley.

The top 10% of the class of 2019 will be recognized at the graduation ceremony on June 1, 2019.

Winner of the Castle Rock Chevrolet scholarship award for the use of a new Chevy Cruise for two years was Sierra Burleigh. Dennis Lynch, Manager of the dealership presented the award and handed Burleigh the keys.


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