DUP takes road trip to Chesterfield, Idaho

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Eleven members and guests of Uinta Wyoming Company Daughters of Utah Pioneers took a road trip to the “ghost town” of Chesterfield, Idaho, on July 22, during Pioneer Day weekend, for their annual jubilee.

Chesterfield is located on the old Oregon Trail between Soda Springs and Fort Hall, and is 11 miles north of Bancroft. Chesterfield was settled by Mormon pioneers in about 1881. The village had been a ghost town for a number of years before the Chesterfield Foundation was formed to preserve and restore buildings.

Forty-one buildings are available to be toured with short histories provided of the buildings and those pioneers who built and settled there. Families and the local DUP have placed artifacts in the buildings as they have been restored.

The DUP artifact collection of settlers’ portraits and Indian artifacts is displayed in the Holbrook Store, a red brick store.  All the brick buildings and homes, of which there are many, were built with bricks made there in the pioneer brickyard.

Two Uinta Wyoming Company DUP members, Larane Hutchinson and Wilma Cornia, claim Chesterfield as their hometown. During the picnic lunch at the Pavilion, Larane told stories of her ancestors in Chesterfield.

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