Drama Devils sink their teeth into ‘Dracula’

Kaleb Horrocks as Dracula prepares to bite the neck of Lucy Westerna, played by Madison Sepos. The EHS fall production of “Dracula” will be on stage again on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 9 and 10, in the EHS auditorium. (HERALD PHOTO/Sheila McGuire)

EVANSTON — When famed vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing discovers Count Dracula, the world’s most notorious vampire, is headed to London, he decides to take action. Unfortunately, the good doctor is down with the flu so he sends his daughter, Sabrina, to London in his stead, and urges her to meet with the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Unfortunately, Holmes and his sidekick Watson are on vacation in the Belgian Congo, so Sabrina turns to the sleuthing duo’s nieces — Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson — for assistance in tracking down Dracula before he and his vampire groupies, including the Draculettes, can wreak havoc on the city. 

What follows in the Evanston High School Drama Devils’ fall production of “Dracula” is an uproarious two hours of mix-ups, mashups and comic blunders as two classic tales collide. The cast and crew of approximately 50 students brought the story to life in the EHS auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 3, and Saturday, Oct. 5. However, audiences have two more opportunities to take in the fall production, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 9 and 10. 

Revealing many more details would spoil the fun for the audience, but literary flashbacks, schooner and carriage races, coffin destruction, garlic eating, creative sound effects, delightful musical accompaniment and the efforts of the student actors bring the action to life in ways sure to keep the audience on its toes and laughing until the very end.


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