Don’t let officials ruin Evanston


Oh, joy! The misguided and self-centered Evanston City Council, Uinta County Commissioners and Uinta County Attorney are bringing us another boom, regardless of the protests and letters and voters against a prison, aka detention center. These leaders — and I use that term loosely — have decided that Evanston will benefit from imprisoning people desperate to gain a better life away from their birth countries. Our council, commissioners and county attorney have committed an immoral act at most and destroyed Evanston at the very least.

Do we really believe local contractors will build the prison? Of course not. We will get fly-by-night “builders” from California and Texas who never saw snow and only know how to build the most cheaply, while charging the highest price. With the change in national politics coming, we will be stuck with a half-built or empty building.

Do you expect to attract families to move here to build the prison and to work here? Will they want to live here for years, or will there be constant turnover of employees?

There will be no affordable housing available. There is little rental housing now. We will need to increase property taxes to pay for more police, EMTs and school teachers. More volunteer firefighters or increased taxes to pay for professional firefighters will be needed. Doctors and nurses are in short supply now — what will it be with a prison? 

Councilmembers, commissioners and county attorney: you will destroy our safe and lovely small town with one stroke of the pen. Perhaps a recall vote special election would get your attention. Guess what? The 2020 elections are coming up.

Voters, prepare to express your displeasure on Election Day!

Joyce Casey



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