Dance students donate to Lord’s Storehouse during crisis

To the Pointe Dance Studio student Trinidy Pine shows food she donated during a food drive to help the Lord’s Storehouse in Evanston. (COURTESY PHOTO)

EVANSTON — Lisa Hansen, owner and instructor of To the Pointe Dance Studio delivered two grocery carts full of donated food to the Lord’s Storehouse on Friday, April 17.

“My students really wanted to do something to help out and feel like they were making a difference during this crisis,” Hansen said. “So, I suggested that they donate food to the food bank, and I would put a box on my front porch to put their donations in. They have been awesome and contributed a lot of items.”

Hansen said she has kept in touch with her students online and gives them dance lessons to practice. She holds 14 classes a week with them on Zoom.

“I am so thankful for the technology that can allow me to continue to provide dance instructions for them and it helps keep their spirits up, too,” Hansen said.


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