Dagon Lee McWhorter

Dagon Lee McWhorter, age 15, passed away on Saturday, July 24. Dagon was born in Kemmerer, to Michelle McWhorter and Bob Roberts. Dagon loved school, especially math. He loved being in school and laughing with his friends. Dagon had a love for many things including music, animals, fashion, video games Chinese food and sports. Above all, Dagon cared for people and loved his family and friends immensely.

To all my family just in case you didn’t know,

I’m sorry I left so quick, but it was my time to go.

The Lord saw my light, he had to call me home,

A Warrior to watch over my family, so they didn’t stand alone.

I’m an angel now, watching over us all,

I’m with God and we will be there if you begin to fall.

The truth is he saved me from the pain so I could be free,

To help guide you in spirit so you could truly see.

I was brave for my family, with all of my might

To become a light in the darkness that threatens our lives.

Now I get to protect you from the heavens above,

All you have to say is my name and God will send my love.

The strength I have is for my family to stand strong,

I want you all to know you’re in my heart where you belong.

Just a little more time has to pass and you will see,

That God will give us a new life and together we will be free.

You will see me again, just remember me in God’s name,

May my bravery be in your hearts forever to remain. (Aunt Jamie)

A memorial will be held on Friday, July 20, at the Lions Club Park, North Pavillion, in Kemmerer, from 1-3 p.m.


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