Cowboy Days hopes to rodeo this year


COVID-19 has hit everyone extremely hard. No matter where you stand politically on the issue doesn’t matter. The negative impact it has had on our local businesses affects events such as Evanston Cowboy Days a lot. It takes right close to $100,000 to put on the yearly celebration. About 60% of that comes from local sponsorships and a few national sponsorships.

It is hard asking businesses that are struggling to continue. We strongly believe the 84-year-old tradition of Cowboy Days brings a big economic impact to our community. Last year, hotels reported having 95% or higher occupancy during the event.

Our theme for this year is “Come Together.” We feel Evanston and the surrounding area is ready to have some events. I’m certain there is no better community at coming together than Evanston. Visit our website at or our Facebook page to read updates. There is a raffle online or at the Gun Room that will help us.

We continue to plan as normal, but at this point there is no telling what events will be allowed and which ones we will have to cancel. We hope to see you Sept. 4-7 at the 84th Annual Evanston Cowboy Days.

Dustin Matthews



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