Council hears about alcohol, tobacco compliance; parade scheduled in lieu of awards banquet

Evanston police Sgt. Mike Vranish talks to the Evanston City Council about alcohol and tobacco compliance during the Sept. 1 council meeting. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — At the beginning of the Evanston City Council regular meeting held on Sept. 1, Mayor Kent Williams announced that he and several council members, along with Evanston Community Development Director Rocco O’Neill, had traveled to Oregon to visit Avalon Manufacturing and were impressed with the facility. They were encouraged about the possible relocation of the company to Evanston.

First on the agenda, Evanston City Attorney Dennis Boal announced a public hearing to receive input regarding the renewal of the liquor licenses. There were 27 businesses with liquor licenses to be renewed, which Boal read off for the public attending the meeting.

Boal said all legal paperwork as required by state statute and public announcements in the newspaper had been fulfilled and now was the time for any public comment. These are the liquor licenses renewed annually, and Boal said there were no exceptions this year.

There were no comments from the public or questions from the council, so Boal closed the hearing. The council then unanimously approved the motion for the renewal of the liquor licenses.

Disability:IN Uinta County Wanda Rogers Director asked the council for a parade permit.  The organization plans to hold its 22nd annual awards celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and a parade will start at 12:30 p.m., beginning at the Machine Shop and continuing down Main Street to the library parking lot. 

“October is National Disability Awareness Month,” Rogers said, “and we decided to go ahead with a parade since we will not be holding the luncheon this year due to COVID-19. We hope local businesses will celebrate as well. Our theme is ‘Raise Up and Be a Light.’ We appreciate all of the support the city council has given us.”

Councilman Evan Perkes complimented Rogers on the great job the organization has done over the years. Williams asked Evanston police Sgt. Mike Vranish if he saw any problem with the parade route, and Vranish responded that he saw no problem and the police would help with barriers and patrol. The parade permit was unanimously approved.

Under new business, Vranish addressed the council concerning Resolution 20-71 and Resolution 20-72. Both resolutions are annual contracts with the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police to provide funds for the Evanston Police Department to conduct alcohol and tobacco compliance inspections. 

“We’ve had good success with both of these programs,” Vranish said. “In 2019, we conducted 45 tobacco compliance checks and brought in over $3,325 in fines for the city.”

Both Resolutions 20-71 and 20-72 to renew the contracts were unanimously approved.

The last item under new business was brought before the council by Evanston Director of Engineering and Planning Dean Barker. Barker addressed Resolution 20-73, which is to authorize the execution of a grant and cooperative agreement for a technical assistance grant for pipeline safety from the U.S. Department of Transportation to obtain funds for engineering or other scientific analysis of pipeline.

“This grant provides funds for GIS software equipment and training, provides an emergency plan for hazardous pipeline safety and will update and improve our mapping systems,” Barker said. “We already have the grant of $6,584. This is a one-year contract for the technical assistance.”

Resolution 20-73 was unanimously approved.


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